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Trillium Albidum — 22 Comments

  1. Hi Alistair,

    You are welcome..
    Your Trillium clumps look happy, healthy and impressive. Obviously you are treating them really well.
    What a nice gift to receive with such a lovely red erectum. To bad (for me) for not knowing the source. Well, if you have some surplus seed next year I am interested. If you are keen in propagating Trilliums yourself perhaps we can swap seed with species I have in my garden.

    Happy gardening!

  2. John, Thank you for this information. I will rectify it, I never was totally convinced as our white one has longer floppy leaves. The red one was a gift a long time ago from a friend who has moved away from the area.

  3. Beautiful pictures of your Trillium; my compliments.

    Your first two pictures of the white sessile Trillium is not grandiflorum. It is either a white form of Trillium chloropetalum or it is Trillium albidum. Chloropetalum has a dark purple ovary, albidum greenish white/light pink. Nevertheless they are beautiful.

    Your little red erectum is gorgeous. May I ask where you bought this specimen? I am interested in obtaining this beautiful form.

    Aalten, Netherlands
    (member of the Trillium Enthusiast Group Trillium-L)

  4. You have quite a lot of beautiful & robust Trillium. Except for our native, Trillium ovatum, they don’t do very well in my garden. It’s too dry, I reckon. About Brunnera macrophylla ‘Jack Frost’ I’d say the foliage has more merit than the flowers. Mine didn’t bloom the 1st year, only sparsely the 2nd. This 3rd year was a good show, but not as lavish as even a forget-me-not. I have it planted in light shade. But the sun never touches it.

  5. I get rather confused with all the names but I love the ones you have…I would have to consult my books but I am sure Carolyn would know if the name of the red one is correct. I have a different red one with mottled leaves…they take a while to establish but they are so worth it in the spring…lovely!!

  6. Hi Alistair. I am amazed at the difference between our grandiflorums. Perhaps it is the way the picture is taken, but your first photo looks like pointy bracts that are widely separated. Mine look more like your pink ones. Regardless they are all beautiful.

  7. Lovely photos of one of my favourite plants. We had several when we lived in Orkney. Now I have to admire them in other gardens (like Cluny) or online (on your site)

  8. Alistair, How delightful to find someone who shares our love of trillium. I LOVE that flore pleno. I’ve never seen a double trillium! We have quite a collection and they never fail to thrill us. Your photography is as phenomenal as your trilllium!

    Cathy and Steve

  9. These are lovely close-ups, the colors contrast so well with the leaves. I checked the IPNI for you. The 2nd trillium is described and registered as erectum. There is no T. erecta on the list.

    Enjoy your break!

  10. Alistair, The photo of your T. grandiflorum looks much different and more special than the plants I am used to seeing. The flowers on mine are shaped like the flowers on the T. g. ‘Roseum’ you showed–triangular petals–and the leaves are pointy not rounded like yours. Carolyn

  11. Wow… wonderful photos of wonderful trilliums! I only have a few but just made a trade for many with a gardening friend and will be moving them in this next week! I have another friend who has thousands after performing a rescue many years ago… such a wonderful plant to have in the gardens! Enjoy your time away from the computer… in my case it has been a ‘forced break’ after my hard drive crashed. I quickly realized that I have become a bit addicted to the computer… the good part… I seldom watch the television any more! Take care, Larry

  12. Amazing! I love trilliums. Their leaves are as beautiful as their blooms. I have only several plants in my garden. You showed us some very attractive varieties, thank you!

  13. Hello Alistair, for some reason I have never grown trilliums though we should, we have the woodland conditions…I am rather jealous of your excellent photographs…have a good break!

  14. Wow – I love that Flore Pleno! I may have to do some research and see if they would work in my garden. Didn’t realize they were widely available. I hope you have a nice break!

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