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Cherry Tree Cheals Weeping — 40 Comments

  1. Ali, yes it is an Acer. In early Spring you will see them in most garden centres, look for Acer Palmatum Atropurpureum. If you are in the Aberdeen area check Ben Reids, if they dont have a good specimen in stock they will order one for you. Alistair

  2. Hi Alistair,
    What is the red tree infront of your door in your front garden? Is it an Acer? My wife loves a tree with red leaves and I have no idea what to buy. We need something similar to what you have, same size. Would you please help me with this? What s the name of the tree and where to buy? I don’t want to buy something 30cm! I am looking for at least 1m size as we cannot wait 10 years to see it in 1m 😉


  3. That’s a lovely looking flowering Cherry Alistair, perfect size too for a small garden as you’ve said. Hopefully August will be much kinder and warmer for all of us, not to mention sunny!

  4. Greggo, California here I come. I can understand that our garden would not be to everyone’s taste, I really do like the look of your place though.

  5. In my opinion, the finest climate would be southern California for plants. But alas I’m stuck in 4 season Kansas. Your gardens show a lot of passionate care. You should be very proud. For my tastes it’s a little too ornamental, but that’s whats so great about gardening. We can show our personalities not only in the present but through the seasons. Nice post. Greggo.

  6. Hi Janet, the decking has been in place for twelve years, it still looks good. Don’t you find that if you decide to skip the preservative for one year it gets very tatty looking. I do recall your post about laying the decking diagonally, Myra says someone else has got a bit of taste.

  7. It all looks so immaculate Alistair – I love that geranium + alchemilla combo. I also, like Donna, love the deck area, almost like outdoor parquet, very stylish and much more interesting than it all running the conventional way. Of course I am a little biased as the decking under our pergola is laid on the diagonal, something I had to fight for as the guys who put it in didn’t relish the extra work it involved! I like the border round it, not something I had thought of doing but will file away for future reference.

  8. Alistair, I would love to be your neighbor and see your garden every day! Feast for the eyes! Colorful. Clean. Manicured. Good design. Cheerful. Very, very nice!
    That 20-year old cherry tree is incredible! I would feel as it was a part of my family!

  9. I love your deck area. It is such a lovely space. Your weather is a plants dream. On the cool side, but plants here would hop a boat if they could.

  10. The long stemmed roses are so beautiful even at a distance, and the whole picture of the whole area is amazingly lovely. If i may ask, is it possible for you to post a wide angle shot of your front garden including other houses frontyard in the backyard? I just want to prove if you have the best front in that area. But i guess most of the houses there have somehow flowering gardens too.

  11. Rhada, I didn’t for one minute think you were being anything other than generous even if my interpretation wasn’t quite correct. Just visited your lovely blog and I will look forward to returning.

  12. Oh no! What I actually meant was that the garden is so beautiful, you could spend the whole day out there!!!

  13. Your petite cherry blossom tree is stunning.
    I’m guessing that most passers-by do a double-take when they walk past your front garden.

  14. Ah, beautiful. So strange your weather is the coldest – and ours is almost the hottest on record this year! Your companion planting is perfect with your roses, which are gorgeous. And that cherry tree – amazing! So glad you were able to save it!

  15. Thanks for the visit Donna, grey and miserable here temp only at 54f, blimey the sun just broke through, I am off outside.

  16. Larry, that is hot, I am going to stop complaining, well maybe, what is it they say about the grass always being greener.

  17. Alistair the cherry in bloom was stunning…such a wonderful plant…much like family when you have had it in the garden for 20 yrs…your garden is so lush and green…we are having are hottest summer…very dry which followed our wettest spring and snowiest winter…our grass is brown and the flowers fading quickly…so I am oohhing and ahhing through your gorgeous garden…love the front garden!!

  18. Your yard looks fantastic and so well groomed Alistair. I’m afraid I am not doing as well here as it has been so hot and humid, I simply couldn’t stand to be outside with temperatures as high as 98 degrees and a dew point of 78. It’s also been very dry but today we are getting a wonderful and major rain which should revive the gardens. The orienpets are at peak bloom and I am concerned the pollen may discolor the blossoms, but if given a choice, I would opt for the rain at this point. Your patio area looks so very intimate and inviting and the front of your house is lovely as well! I am this finds you well and the cool temps may well be a blessing when considering the alternatives that we are experiencing all over the US! Larry

  19. catmint, when you add the name to a plant when you put it on wordpress the name of it automatically comes up when you place your cursor over it.

  20. The cherry flowers are very lovely, but it is a shame that they are so sad they have been weeping for 20 years (silly lol). The patio looks most inviting, and the roses are to die for. Alastair, I’m very impressed and have no idea how you managed to put the words into the photos so they just appear when I wave my mouse near the relevant part. cheers, cm

  21. Your front garden is beautiful. I love the sculpted shrubs and the vibrant flowers. You are right, distance shots are much harder than close-ups, but your whole bed shot came out well. I love the geranium spilling over the wall, and the roses, of course.

  22. Alistair, your gardens are beautiful! And your Cherry tree, what a show off 😉 You have created such a lovely space, what a tranquil escape out on your deck, love it and love all the red begonias…gorgeous! I really enjoyed taking a peek into your gardens…thank you =)

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