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Geranium macrorrhizum ‘Ingwersen’s Variety — 26 Comments

  1. Alistair your yard is so lovely, and you always take us on tour to the most picturesque places! Your perennial geraniums are similar to some a friend just gave us from her garden! Are yours fragrant?

  2. Your garden looks wonderful. So glad you didn’t go in for the tight shots and stayed with the larger view. I enjoyed looking at the photos of your pond, patio and living room view.

  3. Hi Alistair, I have this little geranium and value it for the deeply shaded back garden where it does just fine, while other varieties geraniums might not. My only complaint ( and it is a minor one) is that it flourishes just a bit too well. When It spreads to far, it is easily curtailed. I did not know that it makes good potpourri- interesting! I hope you have a wonderful vacation.

  4. Hi Alastair, the photo of the dark red begonias with everything else dark green and symmetrical is fabulous. The yew topiary is magnificent but even if I had the money I don’t think I would want it. I would be too anxious in case it died to enjoy it I think. cheers, catmint

  5. Mark/Gaz yes it is celmisia, we have a more mature specimen in the main area of the back garden, they do seem to thrive here, must like cool weather.

  6. The garden is looking lovely Alistair! In your Heather bed, is that a Celmisia in the corner? If it is that’s an impressive size and would love to have one that big at least 🙂

  7. this is one geranium that spreads and thrives even in my poor soil . Have never cut it back. I would like to add the complementary ‘Bevan’s Variety’ so thanks for that Alistair. Your fiery Begonias are still marvellous but like them best in the terracotta pot. How beautiful is the shot of the pond area

  8. Re: Geraniums – Your photos make them look knock-out.
    Re: Heathers – I’m still mastering how far to space plants apart. I’m constantly moving them around.

  9. I’ve still not made up my mind whether I like the smell of macrorrhizum leaves – the scent is certainly strong! Great groundcover though, I have the white one. Good to see you had a daytrip in sunshine. The cloud topiary is beautiful, not something I would have the patience to do myself, and certainly can’t afford to buy it!

  10. I loved the close-ups of the geraniums, wonderful photography! I grow a few of them, and love them even if the flowers are not very showy. Your heather bed looks wonderful, I am looking forward to seeing pictures of it all filled in and blooming.

    That topiary… $4000? That’s probably the most expensive plant I have ever seen. I tend to spend $4.50 at a time on my little purchases at the nursery…

  11. Enjoy your time off and if Myra has her eye on that house, well… love your heather bed, it does not grow well here.

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