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Oriental Lily Muscadet — 32 Comments

  1. Dear Alistair,
    Your lilies, your garden, the beach, your blog — all stunning!
    The developers are all about making money. Even though it will bring jobs to the area, it is at the expense of wildlife, habitat and beautifully serene countryside . I find it very sad.
    I don’t know why I have not been a regular visitor to your blog — I will rectify that.

  2. Donna, a large percentage of the community here are not so trusting, but the majority fell for his and his teams convincing ways.

  3. Greggo, the golf course is supposed to open next year with further development continuing for many years. As for drawing people he is marketing it as going to be the best golf course in the world where major tournaments will be held. Time will tell.

  4. Even though I’m not a big lily fan, those are gorgeous. I can smell them from here. ha.
    Thanks for commenting on my post “mornin glory”. That beach looks relaxing. I saw a video on Trump when he was there. I’m curious how he’s going to draw people there. I used to be a golf course superintendent so it piqued my interest. Is it almost complete?

  5. Alistair these lilies are stunning. My Orientals never get that big but as Donna @ GWGT said our growing season is shorter. Mine were very small due to the drought we had. That beach is gorgeous and I love how your grandson made for water right away…please do keep an eye on Donald. I wouldn’t trust him but I am glad he may do something good for the community there…as long as he doesn’t hurt the habitat.

  6. hello Alistair, love your lilies, I love the perfume of lilies,
    I love highland and island beaches you almost always get them to your self or just a few other people, it can be a bit of a walk to the sea though especially if the tide is out, I bet your grandson used up a lot of energy and slept well that night,
    I think summer has forgotten the north of Scotland, Frances

  7. Fay I have lilies here on Lewis and I’ve found they are one of the best for standing up to the wind, Stargazer has grown to 4 – 5 feet and needs no staking, this year some have not grown so tall infact are short, I think it is the cold we have had most of summer, Frances

  8. The lilies are exquisite! I love the way you’ve incorporated them into your garden. It must smell heavenly. And the beach looks beautiful and pristine. I hope all goes well with the development project.

  9. The beach is great, the lillies are unbelievably beautiful, but the glimpse of your house is …. striking! Love it!
    Answering your question on my blog: Yes, I did (or didn’do) several things to make it ‘fast’: I didn’t install music and links that very few readers would use, removed unnecessary gadgets, reduced the blog’s header picture, left only items directly related to my blog. I am very glad to hear that my blog opens fast! Thanks for the feedback, Alistair!!!

  10. I grow both lilies you have shown, but mine have never gotten the size of yours. Our growing season is shorter, but the flowers are just the same, beautiful. The beach should remain natural, send Donald home.

  11. Hi Janet, concern about the habitat was a major concern with Trumps development which doesn’t affect the beach area which we visited.

  12. Hi Alistair, gorgeous lilies, glad you got at least one day warm enough to enjoy the scent of them too! That beach looks amazing. I thought Trump’s development was at least partially controversial because of the potential destruction of habitat, including beach?

  13. Lovely lilies in a row. Th begonias don’t seem so flamboyant next to them.
    As far as I’m concerned, you have put Aberdeen on the map.

  14. Hi Alistair – I really enjoyed this post! I planted a lot of Oriental Lily bulbs in June for the first time and I can’t wait for them to bloom. The plants are growing beautifully, tall and strong and I’m even enjoying the foliage on them (I’m amazed they don’t need any staking, so strong they are). Your photos have me very excited now as I wait for them to bloom, but I guess it will still be two months or so. (I do have a few have tiny buds already). If my blooms are even half as lovely as your I am going to be so happy with them!

    PS: Your photos are great!

  15. Wow, to both lilies and beaches. What fun! I’ve never been very adventurous with lilies, might give them a go next year, in a tunnel probably. 🙂 thanks alistair

  16. Hi Larry, Myra was just asking about you. Well that’s the end of our break, time to get back to the usual routine which may be boring for some but I love it. We are the masters at buying stuff which we have no room for. Our Lilies have been doing rather well. The Orienpets have been the weakest but as you once said they can get stronger in the second and third years. A couple of them, I think I may have placed them in a spot which is too shaded, time will tell. Hope you find a spot for the Pinus.

  17. Hi Alistair… it’s been a while! Muscadet is perhaps my favorite oriental and iy does better than others for me here in Wisconsin. Looks like a grand time with your grandson! Makes me miss our two little ones, although we did have them here about three weeks ago! Just purchased the prettiest Pinus densiflora ‘Oculus-draconis’ Dragon’s eye pine… of course, it gets large and I have no idea where to put it! I guess I knew that before I bought it! Take care, Larry

  18. True enough Soren there are no shortages of golf courses here, perhaps the house building is the most lucrative from a commercial point of view.

  19. 1: The lilies look truly stunning next to that garden walk, and I can just imagine their heady scent as one walks beside them.

    2: It’s gorgeous out by Balmedie. We went there last winter on a windy, icy day and it was absolutely breathtaking. As for one more golf course in Aberdeen… Don’t you have half a dozen of them already? And another dozen within a short drive of the town?

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