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  1. Beautiful rose, and I am glad you like it. If it doesn’t set hips deadheading should not speed up reblooom and is not necessary unless spent blooms look unsightly. Here bourbons are divided into short-caned and long-caned for reasons of pruning. Short-caned are cut back each winter, while long-caned are treated more like climbers – only old main canes are removed, while vigorous new ones are left to produce blooms. I am not sure whether bourbons perform differently in your climate…

  2. You definitely have a hit with this rose. Until next year’s pictures of it then.

    I would love to visit your end of the world. It looks completely different from my end.

  3. Frances, thanks for the information, just what I was hoping to hear. It was very quiet, probably more activity when the students return from their Summer break.

  4. Alistair, no I do not have to manually type my info in when I leave a comment on a wordpress blog as my webrowser saves the info and auto fills in the boxes, I find wordpress easier to comment on than google/blogger with all the hoops chosing how to comment then the spam word box etc.

    love the photos of old Aberdeen, is it really that quiet or did you take photos before the traffic arrived, the park looks nice too, I like the way roses fade as they age, Frances

  5. Your rose is absolutely gorgeous. So full and perfectly formed. Your town is amazing. We have nothing like that here, and it would be wonderful to see such a gorgeous setting every day.

  6. I always love seeing what’s going on in your lovely garden, and I especially enjoyed seeing the sights of Aberdeen today. Such a beautiful place!

  7. I’ve no room for roses now though that one looks pretty. I’ve just seen that Acer griseum – I’ve one of those in my front garden. I hope it takes decades before mine gets to that size but it is lovely seeing the peeling bark backlit by the sunlight.

  8. Alistair, Every time I see your photos of Aberdeen, I want to visit and see the beautiful sites for myself. I love the combination of garden blog and travelogue. When I click on comments on your blog, up pops a comment form all filled out with my name, email, and website–very easy. Maybe it’s because we are both on WordPress. On Blogger hosted blogs, I usually have to fill out the info, but if I type the first letter, the full name etc. drops down, and I just have to click it. Hope that helps. Carolyn

  9. Hi Alistair,
    Such a pretty pink rose. It is always great to see the pictures of Aberdeen and the area that surrounds you. It helps give those of us, that are a far distance away, a sense of the place where you live, and a glimse on a part of the world we may never have seen. There is such a lot of history the architecture of Scotland, something that is missing here in the younger North America. While you may have buildings that are hundreds of years old, ours rarely pass the 200 year mark.
    I also have to comment on your lilies because they are simply stunning!! I like that you have created a row of them. The seashore pictures are beautiful too. No wonder Mr. Trump is interested in that land! The views are spectacular. I hope the development won’t spoil things.

  10. thanks Alastair for an old fashioned lovely post. The rose is quite perfect, and now I must add Old Aberdeen to my list of places to visit – one day … cheers, cm

  11. Janet, Roses don’t always work out the way we want them to. House moving has raised its head again with us, our indecisiveness is quite a torment.

  12. Alistair – I like the way this blog was started to profile the plants in your garden and then this year you have broadened the scope to the city where you live. A beautiful garden in a beautiful city.

  13. Love the cobbles, and the simple shapes of the stone buildings. Great photos Alistair. The rose looks pretty too – I am a complete beginner with roses, we have two in pots waiting The Move to get “proper” homes, and a climber. I think I need a good rose book.

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