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  1. Alistair –
    I am working with the American Begonia Society and was hoping I might be able to use your image of Begonia ‘Madame Helene Harms’ on our page honoring some of the older surviving cultivars. We would of course be happy to credit the photograph to you! The close up is the one we would like to use, it is a beautiful shot!

  2. Try Brookside nurseries they are taking orders for multiflora begonias at the moment. They come as plug plants. I have a trick that makes them develop into corms. Get in touch if you are interested.

  3. Hi Trevor
    When we lived in the cooler North of Scotland (Aberdeen) Helen Harmes did not bloom until the end of August and was at its best in September. I reckon I had a particularly bad year with them when I placed them in full sun. We moved to England where the sun is stronger than it is in Aberdeen and I have to admit Helen Harmes thrived in the sunshine. Thanks for bringing this to my attention, by the way we moved back to Scotland.

  4. Hello From the Other side Of The World Down In The City Of Christchurch New Zealand. I have just read that you have problems growing The Begonia Helen Harmes in the sun. This really is a surprise as mine grow each year in full sun in the garden. Yes the Red Flamboyants produce blooms earlier than Helen Harmes but the variety that I have trouble with late flowering is the White Flamboyants bred by the late Merv Cox of Christchurch. They are normally about three weeks later than the Red Flamboyants. I have tried them in different location but still the same result.

  5. What a bright treat for the eyes this gray January day! I hope you’re enjoying your blogging break and special times with family and friends. Wishing you a year filled with hope!

  6. Dear Alistair, I hope you and Myra are having a lovely holiday! I love the golden yellow of this begonia — pink and white predominate in my garden usually, but next spring I must look for a yellow one. Aberdeen is a magnificent city! Thanks for the tour. And so good to see you pay tribute to some of our mutual blogger friends. Wishing you a Happy and Healthy 2012! Pamela x

  7. Wonderful to see these great pictures of Aberdeen. It’s a great city, and after 20 years living away from it, I’m really pleased to see things like the beautifully cleaned facade of Marischal College, and the new statues you featured in your photo gallery. Love your blog and your wonderful garden!

  8. Hey Alistair,

    I’ve been gone two months and glad to back to view inspiring sites like yours. The begonias look grand but particularly so in your garden image
    Thanks for sharing a little bit of your surroundings. I’m often blown away when seeing such grand buildings that harken back as late as the 1500s. They remind me how relatively young this grand country of ours really is.

    My Grandad was Scottish and I love this type of historically charged post that helps me draw closer to my storied past. Thanks for sharing, my friend.

  9. Thankyou so much Alistair for the mention and I hope you have a lovely break from blogging. I love begonias and if lemondrop loves shade as much as its ancestor then it’s a winner for me. Your photos from Aberdeen are wonderful – I especially like that first one as those 2 coloured doorways really pop out of the image against so much granite. You should join Redbubble and even if you didn’t sell many prints, postcards or greetings cards the architectural groups I’m sure would love to feature some of them as sometimes they feature some of my scottish photography scenes.

  10. The holiday season and spending it with loved ones is a wonderful, wonderful reason to take a leave from the blogosphere. Making more precious memories should always be a priority.

    We will be content with images of begonias and Aberdeen until your return next year.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family, Alistair.

  11. Hi Alistair, i wish you a very enjoyable and restful holiday break. I will be waiting for the next post, as your gardens and photos are always so inspiring and done well. Yours is the best epitome of the English garden, which some people in the tropics are trying so much to emulate, of course with different plants. And it is further funny how some people in the temperate countries really take pains and efforts to make their garden looks like a tropical one. We people are so contentment-less and that’s what makes living fun! Merry Christmas to you and Myra.

  12. Dear Alistair – I don’t know how you do it, but your Begonias are pretty as a picture and mine look,… well, kinda “just there”. I will keep trying – hopefully one day mine will look as lovely as your photographs.

    I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the advice and inspiration you have shared with us over this past year – you’ve helped us so much and made this “Online Gardening” experience very special! Thank you!

    I wish you and Myra a wonderful Christmas and happy holidays with your family & friends!

  13. Alberto I can understand why the Begonia is not on everyone’s wishlist, but I am quite fond of these ones and they do play only a very small part in our scheme of things. Looking forward to seeing what will be going on in Altroverde in 2012, have a great Christmas.

  14. Hi Alistair, I’m not in the ‘begonia team’ too but I always enjoy your experience with plants and your deep knowledge as much as your pictures! Your city looks very scottish and interesting! 🙂 I must pay a visit to Scotland sooner or later!!
    That blue ball you have in your garden is terrific, I want one of those too!!!
    I wish you both a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!


  15. Loving the beautiful, vibrant blooms of your begonia. So nice to see on a dreary day here in Wales. Have a very Merry Christmas and I look forward to your posts in the new year.

  16. Superb monuments and architecture, we really must make an effort to visit the city 🙂

    Enjoy your brake Alistair, see you in January! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  17. Frances, everything is fine here, a bit of damage here and there around the town, nothing too serious. I must say, many people think the centre of Aberdeen desperately needs attention, getting a bit run down looking. Have a great Christmas

  18. Hi Carolyn, the regiment was disbanded in 1994. Talk of independence for Scotland is high on the agenda at the moment and there will probably be a referendum within the next couple of years. The opinion seems to be if the referendum was to go ahead at this moment the continuation of the union would be more likely. However in these strange times all could change very quickly. Yes I will also look forward to seeing if bag reveals all. Of course some people prefer to remain a bit anonymous. I am a bit of an open book myself and at times I think hmm, shouldn’t get as personal as all that. Have a great Christmas.

  19. I am very complimented to be in your list and realized when I read through it that it contains many of my best blogging friends, including you of course. Many of us started in 2010. I think it is so funny that you mentioned the “mysterious B-a-g”. I have been thinking B-a-g mysterious for quite some time but thought it was just me. I am intrigued by B-a-g’s comment that all may be revealed—something to look forward to in 2012.
    The more I see of Aberdeen, the more I love it. Interesting that in 2011, two statues of historical figures (I guess the regiment continues today but the statue portrays them historically) were erected. Robert the Bruce was a great fighter for Scottish independence, and Laura at Patio Patch has mentioned current Scottish independence. Is this all connected somehow?
    Wishing you and Myra a wonderful Christmas and very Happy New Year, Carolyn

  20. Alistair have a wonderful break with your family and friends,
    I really like the words on the statue across from His Majesty’s, Aberdeen looks to have a wonderful old town when ever I hear about Aberdeen they talk of tower blocks and oil expansion, glad to see it still has it’s heart, the photos reminded me of Edinburgh,
    was thinking of you Thursday night as the storm headed your way hope you were alright,
    thanks for the friendly link ;o) Frances

  21. What a wonderful blooming note to end on. The fact that Helen Harmes flowers in shade is a big bonus for me and my how she lights up with her golden locks. Thanks for introducing us to the Renaissance begonias and for all your helpful and informative plant postings. Wishing you Happy Christmas Alistair and look forward to more from AG in the New Year.
    p.s. appreciate being in the auld lang syne link line-up 🙂

  22. Esther, I have sort of fallen out with the big blousy Begonias but the ones which I talk of in my current post are a true asset to the garden. You know this, in spite of adding this statue to my blog, I fully understand what you are saying. Their is no garden in John Ross’s house.

  23. Hi b-a-g, I did use the word Flamboyant a helluva lot in my current post. It is of course in reference to the Begonia and perhaps my writing style leans a little in that direction, I hope not too much, look out for macho ally next year. I wonder if your anonymity is part of your success? Have a terrific Christmas and New Year.

  24. Hi Donna, I have enjoyed your company over the last year, I will definitely be stopping by in my few weeks of leisure. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year. I think my activities in the cyberworld gives the impression most of the time that I am a much nicer person than the reality. Sweet! oh no! it makes me cringe with embarrassment, just had to edit.

  25. I love seeing pictures of your city. To have a building from 1545 is truly amazing! I also love all the statues. There must be a wonderful sense of pride when you live in such a lovely and historical place. Have a Merry Christmas!

  26. So much history. I love seeing and reading about it all. The new statues are amazing Alistair. Your begonia is a beauty but I have no luck with them. I think I drown the poor things. Have a nice time off and Happy Holidays to you and yours.

  27. if I ever get to Scotland, I will be making a trip to Aberdeen…I love your birthplace…history is fascinating and you bring it to life…another lovely flower to want but I may not find…I still love your profile of it….I will be busy blogging my friend so I hope you stop by. I wish you and the family the very Merriest Christmas and here’s to an amazing New Year. Sending much love your way!!!

  28. Alastair – I love that you’re not ashamed to be flambouyant in your garden. I think your new blog design looks really professional.
    Thanks for the link, it’s an honour, maybe all will be revealed next year …. maybe not.
    & Thanks for your encouragement & support through this year, even though we have very different gardens and approachs to gardening.
    Wishing you and lovely Myra a Happy Xmas!

  29. A very happy up-and-coming Christmas to you too, Alistair!

    I’m not a begonia fan but yours adds patch of sunlight and I almost like it!

    The Gordon Highlander statue bothers me. I wish we had found a form of sculpture that doesn’t glorify soldiering. Maybe it’s necessary . . . though it would be much better if all with weapons simply put them down . . . but, given that there are soldiers (and war) there must be a way of not suggesting it’s something to aspire to.

    I like the look of John Ross’s house. (Though it doesn’t look the kind of place with a garden. Is that right?)

  30. Thanks so much for the kind words Alistair! I too enjoy your blog very much and also the sharing of the architectural gems and local flavors of your corner of the world. Have a great break and here’s wishing you , your wife, and family all the joys of the season. Friends, Larry

  31. Enjoy your time off Alistair, I did not realize you have been blogging so long. Thank you much for the shout out. If I lived where you live, I would be blogging about architecture. I think I would be in heaven there.

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