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  1. Thanks Frances, more garden photo would have been nice, but I suppose the article which she wrote of was more to do with blogging. Bubthalmum, not bad, wild flowers beautiful except for Dandelions but as you say even they have their place.

  2. congratulations Alistair on the article, nice photo but I agree with cat more garden photo less headline,

    so what is wrong with dandelions? beautiful mini chrysanthamums, they do over seed though, lovely yellow daisies, wildlife, butterflies and bees etc. prefer simpler flowers the blousy big doubles and triples are hard to sip nectar from and many doubles do not contain nectar anyway, Frances

  3. How brilliant of Ms. Stevenson to recognize how special are both your blog & your garden Alistair! And Myra was right all along about that daisy– maybe I will skip the sunflower traumas this year and get myself one.

  4. Alistair I’ve never taken the plunge to buy this plant – my friend a few years ago promised me a passalong plant but I’m still waiting………………I don’t think I would have the room for it but down in Perthshire she had no problem growing it.

    Congratulations on the press coverage 🙂

  5. Hi Alistair, apparently you are opening this new year with a very happy news, aren’t you? Do you feel famous now? 🙂
    As for your article on Buphthalmum salicifolium you gave me a big plant here, one I’d never heard of before. I must dig a little more and see if I can find it somewhere near home, because I just love it. Thanks.

  6. Hi Alistair, Belated Happy New Year! I am with Myra and like your Buphthalmum salicifolium. Daisies are happy looking flowers and yellow ones are even sunnier. Congratulations on the newspaper article and the recognition it brings. I always enjoy my visits here.

  7. Happy New Year, Alistair. Thank you for the beautiful cheerful Buphthalmum. I’ve never come across it before. if I can find a spot in the garden that might be a welcome addition to my hot border. Congratulations on your newspaper article. Well deserved.

  8. Hi Alistair, Happy New Year! Congratulations, you are famous. It is about time that a very lovely garden be known to those near it, as it is already famous around the world with us. And glad to meet you to, with that photo. Maybe next time you are featured, it will be Myra’s turn.

  9. Congrats on the write up Alistair. Now I use to be one of those flower snobs who hated yellow flowers. LOL! Now I love them in my garden and a have added several and even the dreaded orange ones. LOL! It has something I know to do with those 70’s years when everything here was orange, yellow and olive drab. I am quite over it all now and love the variety and cheerfulness they add in my flower beds. Have a wonderful week.

  10. Welcome back Alistair, Happy New Year and fantastic news on your blog being featured 🙂 Congratulations, you have a garden and a blog to be very proud of 🙂

  11. Thanks Larry its good to be back, I have decided to switch off from blogging twice per year for at least a couple of weeks on each occasion.

  12. A hearty welcome back Alistair and a big congratulations. I read the article from the scan and you should be very proud. You put so much into your garden and into your blog that your really deserve the press. You look quite dapper in your photo too, Myra just might be fighting off the ladies now. As per the daisy, a favorite of mine too, so Myra should be heeded more often.

  13. Welcome back Alastair! – missed my Saturday fix.
    Congratulations on the newspaper article, I’ve never been acquainted with a celebrity before.
    (Of course Myra is right about the oxeye daisies…)

  14. Congratulations! Your blog is wonderful and I’m glad it got some recognition from the press. You’ll soon have people asking for your autograph! As for the yellow flowers – Myra is right – they are like rays of sunshine. Didn’t realize you could click on the newspaper for the link until I read Donna’s comment. I’m off to read all about you!

  15. May I add my welcome Alistair…. it seems like forever since I’ve visited and I’ve missed your fine blog. What a special honor to be written up as you have been… are you prepared for the ‘tourists’ driving past to catch a view of your lovely home and gardens? Larry

  16. Alistair welcome back! I had been wanting to see the article and thank you for posting the picture of it. I was able to read it when I clicked on it… wonderful article and I love the relaxed pose of you in the photo…another lovely feature flower that reminds me of a mum or aster and why not it is part of the aster family…I really lovely the yellow color and the way the petals cup upward…

  17. A cheering sun-yellow start to the New Year from your garden Alistair. Congrats on the press coverage and a Happy 2012 to you

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