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Japanese Anemone Honorine Jobert — 28 Comments

  1. Japanese Anemones are fast becoming my favourite fall flower. I like both the varieties that you have recommended here.
    Our weather has been very mild, but as you suggest, we are only early into winter. Old Man Winter is bound to put in an appearance any day now!

  2. I love Japanese anemones, particularly the white ones but they are quite rampant. The double pink that we have in the front garden would take over if I let it. I do have to pull out clumps of it a couple of times a year to keep it under control.

    I’m hoping there isn’t too much winter weather left, I’m getting impatient for Spring.

  3. I love the look of this flower! And how gorgeous it is shining in the dim light! Part shade, hmmm. I just may have to look into adding this one to my garden!

  4. Hi Larry, still waiting for the snow over here in Aberdeen although the 28f is becoming more frequent. I used to do the gym thing a lot, mainly because I was a skinny thing when younger. Hope you get back to full fitness for Spring, turned 60! (young thing) I am 66 now. alistair

  5. Carolyn, I remember when we followed the rest of the Europeans by going metric, it took a long time to find ease with it. Road trips are going to become more difficult My AMD is getting worse, I am waiting for new specs so there is a possibility of a little improvement, if not I dont think it will be such a long time before my driving license is taken away. very depressing as I am so very healthy in other respects. I will get over it, whatever.

  6. Hello Julie, thanks for the visit, Just the odd polyanthus and Violas in bloom and a few Snowdrops just starting to show a bit of colour.

  7. I love ‘HJ’. It is so beautiful. I do not yet have one in my own garden, but planted one in a friends garden six years ago that has thrived, though we are on the edge of its hardiness. It is planted by their brick porch facing the sun, which is probably why it has done well.

    What a difference a year makes! Our weather is just as abnormal… though we have had temps down to 0F some evenings. Hardly any snow though, and when it comes it soon warms up again.

    Do you have any spring flowers up yet on warm days?

  8. So nice of you to include temperature translations for all your C challenged American friends. I can’t make the switch without using my C to F conversion website so I mostly don’t bother so its nice to just have the conversion right in the blog. I include both in my blog. ‘Honorine Joubert’ is a very nice Japanese anemone, and I would think you could grow them in full sun there. I also have the semi-double ‘Whirlwind’ and the deep rose ‘Marguerite’ or ‘Pamina’, which you should try if you branch out. Japanese anemones have just a few scraggly roots so that is why it is hard to move them. You can’t really dig up a root ball. I love your second part of the post where you profile Scotland. Please don’t give that up. Maybe its time to go on a road trip.

  9. Hi Alistair… I have pink ones but don’t recall their names… I put in a couple of them years ago and they have spread dramatically. I actually have been thinking of moving them this spring so shall see how that works out. We got five inches of snow but it is melting on what is again a very mild day for January… a couple more inches tomorrow and then colder again. I spent the morning at the gym as I now do several days a week. I’m trying to get my shoulder into better shape for gardening as well as my arthritic back. I never used to have to prepare for three months to get back to gardening but things have changed now that I’m over the 60 year mark! Have a great day… Larry

  10. This is one of my favourite perennials for shade. They do so well in my garden, have filled a bare area quickly with their mounding leaves and now I look forward to them blooming in Autumn. I’ll have to try the pink one too – saw that for sale at my local nursery a week ago.

  11. glad you were safe in the recent weather, many trees down in Stornoway and we don’t have many on the island in the first place, mine are still standing but they are young and small though I am expecting many of my lodge pole pines to drop their needles later in the year as the windburn takes effect, will see just what protection the windproof fence gave,

    I really must get one of these white Japanese anemones they always look so beautiful, I really love your first photo the way you have captured the flower, Frances

  12. The white anemone is very choice isn’t it? I had them in the last garden but no space in the present garden. I did find they clumped up very quickly. Lovely photos, Alistair.

  13. Hi Alistair, pleased to know you escaped the worst of of the high winds and sustained no damage. There were some arresting footages on news of those strong winds.

    Hoping that the winter will carry on being mild (but prepared just in case!).

  14. Alistair I love Japanese anemones. I have mostly pink but did plant a few of these in my white garden. I can’t wait for them to grow in. I am glad to hear the weather for you hasn’t been too bad. Our winter was non-existent until yesterday. We had 2 feet of snow in 24 hours and more coming. Pretty cold too.

  15. b-a-g, you have an incredible memory, don’t tell anyone but vegetables and myself are as likely to occur as is curry flavoured ice cream catching on.

  16. Hi Alistair, my anemones are almost in the weed category, but I agree the flowers are lovely. Re: the secondary subject – I’m hoping that you are going to tell us more about your foray into vegetable growing ?

  17. Yes Donna, weather patterns are very strange, today is as cold as it has been, minus 2c No sign of snow in the city so far this month.

  18. I use Honorine Jobert quite a bit for the reason you mentioned. It is such a pure white and very beautiful. I did read about your weather. It is getting very unusual the world over. We have snow today, but it will be near fifty by midweek. The winds have been terrible too with the snow, drifting and making visibility terrible.

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