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Hellebores Party Dress Picotee — 50 Comments

  1. Mark/Gaz, well I would have imagined that you would have sourced Hellebores with interesting leaves, however removing the flowers would have been taking it to extremes.

  2. A fine example of hellebores Alistair. I much prefer the darker stong colours than than the more pastel shades. But you have a find selection of them all. We mostly grow Hellebores with interesting leaf forms rather than interesting flowers. On discussing this point recently we were asked if we cut the flowers off!! (we dont of course)

  3. Hi Alastair, I think hellebores are MUCH more desirable than annuals – personally I can hardly have too many. And their variety have increased so much in the last few years. I think my faves are the darkest ones, nearly black. That greenhouse looks very cosy and impressive. Here we have potting sheds, not usually greenhouses. Maybe because they would get too hot?

  4. You really have quite a bit in bloom and some very pretty Hellebores. I only have one in bloom but a few more are on the way. Last year they were blooming with snow atop them. This year, the one opened the day after the snow.

  5. I am amused by your flowers. Alistair! Can’t even choose a favorite one. I’ve never seen this type of Helleborus. Gorgeous! Crocuses are so vibrant! Good luck with your begonias, I am impressed with the numbers!

  6. These are lovely examples of the beauty in your garden. The colors in many of your selected blooms is stunning. I particularly like the Party Dress hellebore and the lavender hues of your crocus. My tulips are breaking ground, but none have budded. It was 70-plus degrees F here today, and I was weeding and trimming liriope. So, I suspect things will move along quite quickly.

  7. Hi Alistair,
    You have such a nice array of hellebores in your garden. I only have a few pale pink ones and would love to add the dark wine/purple like your Party Dress Purple.
    Yesterday, we broke a record for temperatures in March. Seems the weather is warmer than usual globally. Your images of the crocus are especially nice. They look really vivid illuminated as they are by the light.
    So many Begonia Flamboyants! I am sure the work potting them up is well worth it come summer.

  8. Ah, looks like spring has sprung! I am going to try planting some hellebores here. I’m afraid it may be a bit too hot/dry for them, but in gardening, sometimes you don’t know until you try, right? Party Dress is gorgeous, but I think I like Yellow Lady the best. Something about those spots…

  9. Trying to find my fav’ in this beautiful photographic list…hmmm…think it’s gotta be Party Dress Pink, followed up closely by Yellow Lady . Spring is FINALLY here…REJOICE!! x

  10. Your hellebores are dressed for a great spring party! And I love the flowering currant! A common old shrub? I am not familiar with it, but it looks like something I need to consider for my own garden.

  11. Dear Alistair, Hellebores have gained in popularity in America over the past few years. I love them and yours are stunning. I find annuals useful because of their long blooming time and I like to grow them in pots so I can move them into bare spots when necessary. But perennials are my cup-of-tea. P. x

  12. You have an impressive collection of hellebores, they are so beautiful, thank you for these lovely pictures. Your spring bulbs look great, especially the tulips which I love… I hope your begonias grow well, and am looking forward to seeing pictures of them in bloom.

  13. Alistair – It seems that ugly betty has turned into a swan. Interesting to see how you prepare the begonias with such care. Never seen such a disease-free rose bush.

  14. I’ve never seen a Hellebore up close and personal. Yours are lovely.
    Thank you for the peek into your greenhouse, one of my fav things to see.

  15. I loved your hellebores, I got 5, but one of them hasn’t flowered the last couple of years. It comes up with lots of leaves but no flowers. Not sure why, as I have never given any of my hellebores fertiliser or any other treatment, and it’s just the one that has decided not to flower anymore. No flowers this year either, think it is the third year in a row. Any suggestion?
    Your tulips are gorgeous 🙂

  16. I love your Hellebore Party Dress Pink. I planted a few hellebores last year. They’ve got really nice leaves, would have liked some flowers as well though. My old hellebores are flowering well, but they are all the same colour. Looks like I’ll have to wait another year for a bit of variety.

  17. I love hellebores. You have some particularly beautiful ones. I have only 3 varieties and would really like some more. If I had the space I could see myself getting quite a collection. Although that would be a fairly expensive hobby!!!

  18. Hi Alistair!
    Your Hellebores are stunningly beautiful! Wow! And the photography is second to none. I really enjoyed this post.
    It’s still minus 3 here today but some kind of warm trend is coming in tomorrow – expected high = 13C! Yay!! I plan to be outside all day.

  19. Wonderful hellebore collection you have Alistair. I have the colors but no doubles. I think the whites are the nicest and your double one is awesome. Those begonias are lucky plants to have you looking after them so carefully. Reminds me I need to give Max a bath today–he’s spoiled too.

  20. It is great to see Spring arrive Christine. Naw things don’t grow better in our garden, just at times have the knack what to show.

  21. Hello Larry, seems like our gardening goes through different phases and then we return to what gave us the most satisfaction. As I say, you will still see blasts of Summer colour in our garden but I fear it may be red and more red. Enjoy the warmer weather while it lasts.

  22. What wonderful goings-on in your garden Alistair! I especially love that double white hellebore ‘Party Dress’, and your holly. I never see holly growing in my area, although according to “the books” it is supposed to be hardy enough for us. Maybe it’s a long shot, but I will probably have to give it a try. You are going to have lots of begonias!

  23. Wow those are beautiful hellebres…lovely daffs in the gorgeous blue pot…I have a blue pot the same color and it is my fav…our record high on 3/7 was 68…now snow again so no new blooms…good news is 60s starting tomorrow and through the week…the pond will thaw again…so looking forward to maybe doing a bit of gardening tomorrow if the weather cooperates and the bit of snow melts in time.

  24. Good Morning Alistair! As I read your post I realize that I am very like minded regarding annuals and their status in the gardens…. while I still have a great many ordered for this year, I sense the pendulum turning… especially towards woodlanders but also a return to more perennials which used to be a big thing for me but eventually were phased out to a great extent. Hellebores are also becoming much more important here and I have 100 new plants ordered for this season… I guess I’m looking to broaden the time spectrum of the garden and extend seasons on both ends. Thanks for your excellent post today. We are anticipating 70 degrees F next week… very early I’m afraid and I am concerned about getting a blast of arctic air after what will be two weeks of very warm temps coming our way… take care, Larry

  25. It seems you have quite a lot going on in your garden! Love your hellebores, I must add some of them to my garden too, as soon as I’ll have some reliable shady corner… I need the trees to bulk up a little more…

  26. Those ‘Party Dress’ Hellebores are simply beautiful. Loved ‘Picotee’, the Purple and the Pink. The combination of the Daffodils and that brilliant blue pot is terrific. They certainly go well together. Can’t wait to see those Begonias in their beds blooming beautifully. Well that was a mouthful!

  27. So much going on in your garden right now its such a joy to watch it waking up to spring. But I have to confess to thinking “Does EVERYTHING grow better in Alistair’s garden?” on more than one visit to your blog!

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