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Sarcococca Hookeriana Var. Humilis — 50 Comments

  1. what a tour the minute you come through the gates into your awe inspiring garden you are in a piece of heaven, you must really love were you are.
    thank you

  2. M&G I have just given it a bit of a make over, well more of a paint job. I used that Cuprinol Shades(willow). It looks great, and very easy to use. Myra has now found this sheltered area handy for clothes drying, hmm, I will have to come up with a plan.

  3. I have been searching the archives for ugly stuff Linnie, personally I don’t quite get the point of it and I may do a u turn. I hate Spring snow.

  4. Hi Alastair, that sweet box flowers are very attractive, I like the twistiness. I wonder if it likes to be brushed against to release its fragrance, another reason to have it near a path. Your garden is looking wonderful. Like you, I couldn’t possibly decide which bit I prefer, they’re all different. (Could you choose between your children? Impossible!) What I notice is how i like the hard materials you’re used – the stone paths and steps, the lattice fence and the patterned wooden decking. cheers, cm

  5. Yeah right Alistair, like anything about your garden could be ugly. And no fair going to some vacant lot to take pictures.

    NICE fawn lilies. Looks like they have made themselves at home there. So pretty. I hope mine survive our spring snows.

  6. I know what you mean regarding the Lawn Julie. I make it smaller to give more room for plants then a few years later I am adding to it again, changing the shape, never can make up my mind what’s best.

  7. Thanks Jane, very kind of you, don’t know if I am worthy though. Dont trust Myra with the ice cream, she’l scoff the lot.

  8. Well if anyone on this planet deserves this award, it’s YOU!!

    I’m seriously envious of your amazing garden…fabulous to have a walk though your piece of paradise.
    Now…I’ve got tickets sorted and an ice-cream van arranged for the Easter Hols. Tell Myra to make up the spare room, I’m coming to stay…you’re the tour guide, I’ll sell tickets to your garden & Myra can sort out the flake bars in the ice-cream whip! xxxx

  9. Hello Alistair
    I agree with you, Sarcococcas are real gems in the winter! I have Sarcococca hookeriana digyna and Sarcococca confusa and when I stand at my backdoor I can smell them from the other end of my garden! I do however have a very small garden compared to you and I must say I envy you the space you have to play with 🙂 You have an absolutely amazing garden, thanks for the tour!

  10. I just love the layout of your garden! I also have a circle lawn. I love to design the turf into an actual shape instead of letting it be the blob in the middle. I hope you are enjoying this early spring!

  11. Alistair, It is hard to imagine that there are any ugly parts of your garden; it seems very photogenic to me! There are so many lovely little vignettes here, including a few areas of the garden that I don’t recall seeing before. It must be nice to sit in your little patio area and enjoy a meal.

  12. Just brilliant Greggo. I will put your name forward as a candidate for the upcoming presidential election, now which party I wonder.

  13. Thank you Sage Butterfly, I try not to show the long shots too often as I have reached a stage where it is generally all maintenance. As you could imagine it would be showing the same over and over again.

  14. Thank you Andrea, A recent quote from a blogger comes to mind
    Confucius said “Find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life

  15. Hello Alistair. Even if you’re posting the close-up shots of your plants, the wide angle shots surface vividly in my consciousness, because it has always been so blatantly beautiful. I will again repeat, that yours is the garden i dreamed off for an English garden, and for the tropical one it can be Meem’s Hoe and Shovel Garden. I can’t imagine the care and maintenance you put here considering that you don’t have much help. Oh it’s amazing and you are incredible.

  16. How I enjoyed the tour of your garden! To see everything as it is in the best of times shows me all the work you must put into your garden…it is evident! The lilies as they tower above and along your garden bed are stunning. Each ‘room’ is well-planned and beautifully created…excellent!

  17. Alistair your garden is like a tardis – I’m amazed at how big your patio decking area is. Loved seeing your favourite photos from last summer – my garden is like a tiny postage stamp compared to yours. My favourite photo is the one with the pink astilble and the trellis behind it.

  18. Hello Fay, on the bright side—-way back before the package holidays folks from Glasgow would throng to Aberdeen for their Summer holidays as it had the reputation of being sunnier than where they live. Also of course it is the city with the golden sands. Lets not forget Aberdeen has won the Britain in bloom title more times than any other city in the UK, and was banned from entering for a couple of years to give others a chance. The greyness! well the granite absolutely sparkles on a sunny day but can look bleak on the dull days. In Winter the city generally gets little snow and not many sub zero temperatures, also not much high winds. (much harsher inland) On the downside, the temperature in Summer is too low, the shelter of our garden makes this quite acceptable, although I like to moan about it. (phew, fit a lang winded speil.)

  19. Alistair I love the smell of that plant – and you’re right the gardeners chum in February!

    I think perhaps your garden is paradise. Achievable in Aberdeen – amazing.

    Mr Flowers as you know is contemplating a move to the Granite City in the future for work. I’ve been nervous as its a guy bleak reputation for greyness – clearly not in your patch.

    I’m reconsidering! All the best to the family!

  20. Thanks b-a-g, The Rhododendrons get an occasional prune on areas that have become overgrown, means you lose an area of flowering for one year.

  21. Thanks spurge, Cant think that there will be much change in the garden this year. Feel I have reached a stage where general maintenance is enough.

  22. Your garden is simply splendid! I wouldn’t be able to pick a favorite area either! Thanks for the tour. Can’t wait to see more as it wakes up this year.

  23. Alistair – When I see photos of your garden I am filled with wonder, admiration, inspiration … but most of all envy!
    Thanks for showing us how your gardens fit together. I love the rhododendron most of all – do you prune it or leave it alone ?

  24. Alistair, I really enjoyed the views of your garden! The long views are stunning, but I also appreciate seeing some closer views. I imagine I could spend an enjoyable afternoon strolling through and examining all that your garden offers! I have must consider sweet box for my own garden!

  25. I’ve really enjoyed walking through your garden, erm…. a virtual walk that is, oh you know what I mean. And the sarcococca has just been added to my wish list, I need a plant for dense shade.

  26. Your garden never fails to amaze me and I love everything you’ve shared today Alistair… there is so much to see and admire… it’s wonderful! Larry

  27. Such a nice look back at your beautiful gardens. Those lilies are fabulous! And the astilbes! I have always dreamed of having astilbe in my garden. I’m trying them again for the third time. Keeping my fingers crossed! Love your round garden. And the back garden surely does not look like it would be easily maintained. But I’m learning that sometimes the most beautiful gardens really don’t have to be so very labor intensive.

  28. Wow what an amazing garden. Thank you for sharing your photos. I love having a look around other people’s gardens, they are always inspirational. I’d love to be able to replicate that feeling of abundance and lushness. I particularly love the erythroniums. I haven’t got any in my garden but will be on the look out for some.

  29. Alistair what a treat to go on a virtual garden tour of your gardens…I only have the ugly side right now although the tiniest of color is now showing through the brown faded stems and leaves laying about…I do have to clean but will be taking it slow since I fell recently and am still a bit bruised especially one knee…I have the sweet box in a shady area but I may reconsider moving it since it has not done much and cannot be viewed easily from where it is.

  30. I have admired Sweet Box and want it in my garden! We have large trees and quite dense shade, so it sounds like a winner. Thanks for the nudge to remind me to get on it.

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