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  1. Alistair, I love the way your blog is looking these days — just explored some of the pages. I’ve been away from Blotanical for a while, so not sure when you gave it a new look. Your 2012 garden is stunning, and the information in your blog is interesting and informative. Wish I could be so organized. P. x

    • Welcome back Pam, glad you like the new look of my blog. I am happy as to how it looks on my computer but you can never be sure as to how it is on others who are possibly viewing on a different resolution.

  2. I adore thalictrum and mine decided this year to give me a small clump of foliage and no blooms….drought has really hit so many plants. It is a good thing I have so many veggies to take care of since the flowers are almost gone except for rudbeckias.

    I love the larger views of the front and back gardens Alistair. Always so lovely with something in bloom and neatly kept. Your foliage sweeps around the garden just catching the eye at key focal points. It is stunning even if your weather has been less than summery. Mine too summery.

  3. I’ve never met a thalictrum I didn’t like, and yours are no exception. I have tall ones and tiny ones but those in-between ones I still need, so pretty. Really all your gardens are looking beyond beautiful.

    And I like the new text font too.

    I do think you should come clean regarding whatever mystical rituals take place in the center lawn of that awesome round garden, maybe on late summer nights… (Don’t make me ask the neighbors.)

  4. I like the white. I must say that your garden looks magnificent and immaculate, really beautiful. There’s not a blade of grass out of place! Mine’s unruly with plants flopped onto the grass and taller plants drunkenly waving this way and that. I love seeing pictures like this that show gardening styles.

  5. I’m glad you left that picture larger as it’s a gorgeous pic of your garden and you can see the details better. That’s a nice thalictrum too, I’ve introduced a couple this year and might add the album next year 🙂

  6. Thank you so much Alistair for showing us the wide angle shot. Even if i appreciate close ups of individual plants, it is always better to see the whole landscape, and you did justice to your garden by doing so. It is really awesome, but you always hear it from me anyway! Now i am confused if i prefer the front or the back, i guess i like both, haha!

  7. Your Thalictrum looks great. I’ve been camping & hiking every weekend in the Cascade Mountains. I’ve seen our native Thalictrum occidentale blooming lately. But I must say that it is not something I’d want in my garden. It’s much to plain. We had temperatures as high as 32C over the weekend, although I slipped & fell in the snow on Mt Pilchuck on Saturday. Thanks for your comment.

  8. I was very glad you left the photo clickable to a larger size. It is a beautiful view of your garden and so much nicer to see it large. The top image is a nice corner of your garden too with pretty combinations.

    • Thanks Donna, I felt that picture was worth keeping to the larger size, my son in law keeps telling me that I am slowing down the time that my site takes to open with so many pictures, especially large ones.

  9. Oh, my! Thank you so much for the larger views of your garden! They are stunning and give me a great appreciation of your skills as a gardener. I love the thalictrum, but it is another one of those lovelies that don’t like my hot, humid summers. I am a wee bit jealous!

    • Debs, over the years Myra has been every bit as much responsible for how the garden looks as much as myself. These days due to her chronic back trouble I do most of the stuff, its not really work though when you enjoy a hobby like this as much as I do.

  10. Hi AListair, that is a glorious photo of your garden, and well worth having available at the larger size. You have a wonderful array of lush and healthy plants, they make a great tapestry of contrasting colours and textures in foliage alone.

    I’ve been wondering about Thalictrum for a while now, whether I add one is now down to how much I feel I can expand the borders in the back garden without negaitvely impacting space for the kitchen garden.

  11. What a fabulous plant with such an impressive bloom time! I do wonder if it would bloom quite as long here in my very hot zone 7b garden! I’m not sure if I like the purple one or the white one better.

    Your garden is absolutely gorgeous!

  12. Hi Alistair, Your Thalictrum are beautiful and bulkier than mine, which are a little younger in age. I even find the seed heads on these plants are attractive after they are done flowering. I have several purple ones, but don’t have the white. A white one is definitely going high on my list of plants for next year.
    Your garden is so neat and orderly in comparison with my jungle. Your overall shots are really nicely done and could easily be in a magazine. I was looking again at your flowerpots raised on the decorative columns. I have a few old columns out back…I think I might have to steal this idea.

  13. Hi Alastair, I too love your new look blog – I love the cool green and the layout. Your photos of thalictrum made me think about how I love fluffy plants, and how I dislike spiky prickly ones. Your garden looks amazing. cheers to you and Myra, cat.

  14. Thalictrum looks beautiful. And my gosh! Was that your garden? It so gorgeous and magical! I felt like it was the mini Garden of Eden when I saw it.

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