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Flower Carpet Rose Amber — 41 Comments

  1. Crystal, The Goldfinches in our garden are also more numerous than the common sparrow. In fact the sighting of a sparrow is becoming very infrequent.

  2. Nice to read about the carpet roses. I’ve often wondered what they were really like, not believing the advertisement blurb.
    You’ve got a lot of visitors in your garden there.
    I remember when I was a child, goldfinches could only be seen for sale in pet shops. Now they are more common in our gardens than sparrows.

  3. Where would we be without good doers? And just because something is a good doer, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t desire it too!

    Beautiful photos of your garden visitors – I am delighted to see the Song Thrush has returned!

  4. Loved all the wildlife shots. We have lots of foxes and they don’t pose any problems. One of our cats used to run around the yard playing with them. I think links in a new window are better. Sometimes you start clicking away and forget to go back to the blog you were originally reading. I want to provide links but not lose readers mid-post.

  5. Hey old pal. Seems quite a juxtaposition to have thorny ground cover roses and all the wild life in the same post. Amber seems to have more soul than the others. Wish same coloring was in a Knockout.

  6. Beautiful roses, Alistair. I like the yellow ones best, I think — difficult to choose. We have foxes, too. For that reason my husband wont allow me to have chickens (which I would love). P x

  7. Christine, we are less excited at the Fox turning up. Apparently in the housing estate which is nearby a fox has been seen going for a cat.

  8. I have flower carpet pink and white – both do well in a bed that is exposed to the east and north, flowering for months well into the autumn. The pink is very lopsided though, with one much stronger branch going off at an odd angle. I need to work out how to shape it.

  9. I have more than enough pigeon visitors. I wonder if they scare the small birds away, except for the brave robins. Your song thrush would be welcome in my garden any time. Does it really sing?

  10. Foxes have a reputation of being a bit sleekit Linnie. Not exactly relevant to your comment, but I just thought you would like to know. Honestly my head is full of s—-y information leaving little room for what is important.

  11. Helene, when my daughter lived in London I remember the foxes could be a nuisance. I like hardy Geraniums in amongst the Roses. It can make the feeding of the Roses a bit awkward though. If your large Roses are well spaced apart I would think Flower Carpet could look quite good.

  12. don’t know about carpet roses, but that glowing amber coloured rose has me hooked. I adore your wildlife photos The fox, although beautiful, has bad associations. They kill native animals, and are an introduced unwelcome species here.

  13. Alistair, I wish you could come and visit my garden in London, here’s foxes, squirrels and wood pigeons wherever you turn, it’s like a mad zoo at times! Especially the foxes are a pest, as the urban foxes are not afraid of humans, they just stand there looking at you when you come out in the garden. I had a whole fox family living next door last year, using my garden as their day-lounge, sleeping in my flower beds and coming right up to my back door using the steps as their toilet. I solved the problem by persuading the house owner next door to let me clear the garden for brambles and weeds and put some nice plants in, it helped, the foxes moved on! As for feeding the foxes, hmmm…a big no-no here in London, but if you enjoy having the foxes coming back every evening then…

    Loved your info about Flower Carpet Roses, I have seen them on mail order, but haven’t tried any, perhaps I could grow some in between my large rose bushes? Or would they compete too much with each other? I have been thinking of getting some perennials to fill in between my roses as they are quite bare down at the ground, perhaps Flower Carpet Roses will look better.

  14. I am astonished at the fox! Wonderful images of him too. I’ve never ever seen one. I wonder if the coyotes we have, who sing almost every night, discourage the presence of foxes…. Really I think that your having foxes AND hedgehogs is completely unfair. But your gardens are so pretty they probably can’t help themselves.

  15. Firstly how fascinating to have a fox visit 🙂 – need to get the BBC into your garden for autumnwatch! and those pesky squirrels certainly keep us amused at the feeders as long as they don’t raid too much on you. I had a wood pigeon nest in the garden…….something happened to stop them staying and there’s still one egg that didn’t hatch in the nest.

    As for your carpet roses Alistair I have the red as a standard and the yellow one as groundcover. The yellow standard died in the winter of 2010 but I think it was due to frost getting into the graft. The groundcover one took a real beating with those harsh winters but fully recovered. Your photographs are beautiful especially of each of the rose varieties.

  16. This is Flower carpet Roses??? Wow! I’ve mostly seen yellow and pink. These are gorgeous! The amber one reminds me of my rhododendron Honey Butter with its wonderful shade of peach! The fox is adorable! And birds love your place! Something good is going on there if animals come back! What a delightful post Alistair! Thank you!

  17. Bobs my uncle!

    Yes, I am a scourge of a rose grower. I too like flower carpet roses, not so much knockout roses however. I have Flower Carpet red, mainly for the bright red blooms and glossy foliage and of course the simplicity of care.(Notice I didn’t say low maintenance?)

  18. The first rose in particular looks lovely Alistair! And it’s always nice to see wildlife in the garden, especially birds. We have a few resident woodpigeons in our area, and last year they even nested on top of the pergola (fortunately our cats left them alone).

  19. I love carpet roses, although I couldn’t find the amber when I was looking for it. Now, of course, I’ve filled that spot! They really are wonderful roses, and easy care is a big plus in my book. As for opening a new page, I do think it makes a big difference. I remember when I first found a garden blog. It linked to another garden blog, which linked to another garden blog, etc. I got so excited, opening links one after another, but I soon realized that some of the blogs I was unable to go back to due to their closing when I opened the next one. Your critters are wonderful, and I love the photos of the pigeons among the berries.

  20. I do prefer links opening in a new page. Love the carpet roses and I have a red one that even can deal with rabbits feeding on the canes all winter. Some winters it dies all the way back and grows again from the ground up. I adore foxes and other critters and would love our resident fox to come into the fence and take care of the voles.

  21. Your roses are very beautiful and the ‘criiter’ photos are great as well. Our gold finch is quite different from yours… the males are a brilliant yellow with black highlights and no red at all. They change in color a lot come the winter months. Thanks for the tour of your flora and fauna! Larry

  22. Oh Alistair you have lots of visitors, but the fox looks so scary! I wont bother with the squirrel but that fox will keep me indoors. The roses are great!

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