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Pieris Japonica Forest Flame — 41 Comments

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  2. Can anybody tell me if Pieris can been sown in a completely shaded area. Are the low maintanence? Do the flower most year.

    Thank you :

    M Ward

  3. That is a fascinating story! My parents were big Hedy Lamar fans, but they never mentioned her scientific genius. I doubt they knew. I have three Forest Flame pieris. They are still young, but I hope they grow up to look like yours!

  4. Whoah! I know Hedy Lamarr, having watched some of her movies before. I have to say though that I will take her LTE technology over her breast exposure anytime. LOL!

    BTW, I like the way the Forest Flame contrasts with its surroundings no matter if the leaves are creamy or dark green.

  5. amazing story Alastair, Hedy lamar was a household name but I had no idea of the background story. I’m afraid the Pieris fades into insignificance into comparison, anyway it needs too much water to grow here.

  6. A new garden to take care of, that’s exciting. I read somewhere that the secret to get Pieris to flower well is to prune them every year once the leaves turn fully green, usually early to mid Summer up here. I have done this every year with the Pieris in the front garden and it certainly works with that one.

  7. What an amazing story! I knew the name Hedy Lamarr, but not the story about her.

    I have Pieris Forest Flame on my wish list but nowhere to put it, I have wanted one for years. But I am starting a new garden next week, my son has moved and got an even smaller garden than I have and he has asked me to do it up, low (no) maintenance. I think the pieris will be perfect, and I will get to enjoy it every time I visit him.

    By the way, my pieris ‘Little Heath’ hasn’t flowered this year, for the first time in 10 years, do you know why the pieris don’t flower every year?

  8. Beautiful garden! I spent an hour, and a small fortune, at the garden centre purchasing shrubs. We got to the exit and I HAD to go back in for a Pieris when I saw one in a tub by the door …. just have to check my soil acidity levels now!

  9. Hi Frances, it is a very unusual situation. Most people obsessed by their appearance to this extent would find difficulty in achieving so much.

  10. Hi Rosie, I never did find out the name of the Pieris in the front garden. It blooms every year without fail and is more subtle than Forest flame

  11. beautiful shrub Alistair, I also like it backed by the purple shrubs, very interesting story about Hedwig/Hedy, she is one of my favourite stars of the period, I had heard before that she had a brain and had done some amazing things but didn’t know the details, thanks for sharing the info, sadly she was apparently obsessed with her beauty and in later life had many ‘face lifts’ which made her look worse, much better to grow old gracefully, I think growing old when you have had so much publicity for being beautiful must be difficult, unlike the perris which rejuvenates each spring, Frances

  12. You’re not supposed to eat them Kininvie, just appreciate the beauty. I will be first in line to trial your inventions but please, leave the naked thing to Hedy.

  13. Can’t stomach pieris. Don’t like things with silly leaf colours. Leaves should be green. I’m obviously a little old-fahioned in that respect. I guess I need to run arund naked and invent things.

  14. A thing of beauty and the Pieris ain’t bad either, cracking shrub. Read her rather steamy autobiography years ago but she repudiated much of it in later life as they often do.

  15. Hi Alistair! I’m always amazed when I hear stories like this about people fighting and winning their personal (but not only!) wars. I smiled when I read your answer to Linnie’s comment, your pragmatism always shock me a little. 🙂
    I like the way you placed that Pieris, with the purple acres behind, they make a good combo and I love those tall fritillaries!

  16. Hi Alistair, your Pieris looks very healthy and happy, which is a lot more than can be said for mine, which is looking particularly sickly at the moment. I’ve only recently discovered (and you’ve confirmed) that they prefer acidic soil, which ours definitely isn’t. I think I’m going to end up growing something over the top of it in order to “forget” about it. Never mind. Thanks for the history lesson too – very interesting to read!

  17. Thanks for the tip about acid soil for my Pieris, and the great drama too Alistair, all news to me! Plants are fun, but aren’t humans amazing? Still I hope your brother isn’t corrupting you with those other, unprintable stories…

  18. Combining two beautiful creatures in one blog, Pieris and Hedi, is enough to make a man’s head spin. I didn’t know where to first set my eyes. Thanks for the thrill.

  19. I am an old movie fan and love Hedy. I recognized her immediately but never knew her story. Even in her movies she seemed like a tormented soul fighting for something. Great story. This shrub has not been successful here and now I know why…I do not have acidic soil, but I may move mine to a spot that might be amended with others requiring acidic soil. Love the flowers in the first picture!

  20. Hey Alistair, my learned friend,

    I’m a big fan of this selection and have used on a couple of projects. Lives up to the common name here: lily of the valley shrub.Wish more people were aware and used Pieris.



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