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Finishing touch to the garden — 39 Comments

  1. Andrea, thank you very much for your good wishes. I guess its not quite as easy to do as I make out. However with some health issues which we have I feel sure it is the right decision.

  2. Hello Alistair, i realized that somehow people from other countries not my own more easily change their addresses unlike us here. We normally keep parent’s, grandparent’s, etc place and property because maybe they give us a sense of identity and stability embedded in the psyche! I am a bit envious with you for moving quickly without so much emotions. Because i know well mostly your garden, i sensed a little pinch in the heart and because for me every goodbye is sad, then i almost shed a tear!

    But that is just us, and me! God bless to your new home and garden. Yes being near with family is always a lovely move and i am sure you will be happy starting a new beginning, again! We will always be in the sidelines, wishing you well and impressed with your creations. God bless to you and Myra.

  3. Good luck with the sale and the move. It must be hard to leave such a wonderful garden behind, but no doubt you will soon be at work creating a new one (what fun!). The summer house looks amazing, cozy and comfortable.

  4. Hi Bom, I expected people would be queuing up to make offers for our property. Its not proving to be the case, very disappointing.

  5. The end of your post came as quite a shock. I guess I will have to enjoy the one or two more posts of your Scotland garden while I can. Looking forward to seeing you fix up your new garden (and newly named blog?) as much as you and Myra are most likely looking forward to being nearer your daughter and grandson.

  6. Your summer house is just beautiful. I love the color, and the addition of the bench and table in the same shade of green is just perfect. I was surprised to read that you were moving, but I can imagine that it will be a bit exciting to start a new garden from scratch! Plus, you will have a new garden to blog about. I’m not very good with names, but I’ll throw in one: Gardening South of Aberdeen

  7. I think the garden will sell your house: it’s beautiful. The summerhouse is a lovely addition. I grew up in Cheshire – it is a wonderful place to live. Just think of all the new plants you will be able to grow.

  8. Hi Linnie, you are an absolute tonic. Possibly another couple of posts from Aberdeen before moving. Well I am hoping the house sells within a couple of months at the most, but you never know. We are very lucky the Aberdeen press picked up that we were moving and they knew about the garden so they want to do a special full page feature and promote the sale of our house.

  9. Its a massive undertaking for us Carolyn and having been on the cards for a few years we finally realise we are ready for this move. I think changing the blog name would cause unnecessary complications. I will disappear from the scene completely for a while, but I will be back.

  10. I admire the way you are handling this major shift. To me it says that no matter your chronological age, you and Myra are young where it counts. I will miss Aberdeen, I always fantasized that I would visit someday because Scotland is high on my list. Oh well. I won’t comment on the proposed qualifiers but please don’t change the name of your blog to something totally different. You will always be the premier Aberdeen Gardener to me.

  11. Omigosh! Moving? That was a giant surprise Alistair! I must say that I understand your desire to be closer to children– I would relocate 60 miles north for the same reason, if I could convince the rest of my household! Your garden is glorious but you can instantly put all your experience to work in a new space, whatever size it is. In any case I absolutely agree that you must keep blogging because we must all hear about the move and the new challenges and you are the only one who can tell us. So no forgetting to post. After you get settled that is. The summerhouse is adorable and no buyer will be able to resist it especially that color. You and Myra will make a perfect home of anyplace you go so I have no worries, just interest– I look forward to your reports!

  12. How exciting and yet sad that you are leaving your home and beautiful garden behind-exciting because there will be an entirely new canvas for you to work with and sad because your garden you leave behind is such a labor of love. The new summer house and the area around it looks just terrific. I love the color you chose for the exterior. You did a great job on the interior as well. I look forward to reading all about your new venture. So nice that you will be closer to family.

  13. Wow Alistair, my jaw dropped when I read the part about you moving South. I had to go over it a few times just to make sure I had read it properly, especially after enjoying following how you installed and did-up the summer house and created a really cosy corner of the garden. I’m sad to see you leave the immaculate Aberdeen Garden, but also excited to hear about how you will transform your new garden. Depending on how far south you go, the range of plants the warmer climate allows should be very exciting.

  14. Just waiting for the first viewer Janet. Our next garden will be very much smaller. I really don’t mind and we will make the best of it.

  15. I love the little summerhouse, it looks so nice nestled in that spot. It is such a nice addition to the garden and will bring years of enjoyment. The color is very pleasing too.

  16. Goodness Alistair, how exciting! Whoever buys your house will inherit a wonderful garden, I hope you find a buyer quickly and easily, and a new home and garden that delights you both. I really look froward to reading about your gardening adventures south of the border.

  17. Your summerhouse is gorgeous Alistair and Myra! Not only does it look good but the most important bit is that both of you seem to really enjoy using it 🙂

  18. Thanks Astrid, embracing change, its not really like us but this time we intend to embrace it. There is going to be so much to see to I will probably appear to have disappeared altogether, but I will be back.

  19. I was enjoying the look of the new little summer house and the accompanying plants and foliage when I came to the part that you were leaving all of it behind. Such a surprise! It’s a shame you won’t get to enjoy it long but it will be great for re-sale value. I am not nostalgic about leaving places – I am a great advocate and supporter of change. Especially when it involves being closer to family. You will be able to watch your little grandson grow as well as being able to offer support to your daughter and her husband as babysitters. It’s a win-win situation. You and Myra have great talent for garden design as was illustrated in your beautiful Aberdeen garden but it is a transferable skill. Best of luck on the sale of the old house, on finding a terrific new house and thanks for not giving up blogging. You are very good at it.

  20. Hi Alistair. Your picture of the main garden area is stunning, people pay money to see such a display. Don’t wish to sound too downbeat but Aberdeen Gardening in Exile sounds right to me! All the Best.

  21. Hi Angie, we wont manage to take many of the plants but there may be a few which will be sneaked out. Another good option of a subtitle to choose from.

  22. Quite excited by it all b-a-g. It has taken eight years for Myra and Purdee to be persuaded. Not quite forty years in this garden but it is 28yrs.

  23. Hi Helene, It is difficult to move but its something we feel ready to do, in fact its probably the most exciting thing we have ever done in our lives. We haven’t as yet settled on another house but when this one sells we are off living with our daughter until we find what we want. We will probably only take the plants which are in pots. Yes, one way or another I have to keep the aberdeen gardening name for my blog.

  24. I must admit I said WHAT out loud when I came to the end and read that you two were leaving your beautiful garden! I know the prospect of creating a new garden might be some consolation, and getting closer to family is always a good reason to move, but…but…your beautiful garden! I hope when you eventually get the sale through that you agree with the buyer that you can take some of the plants with you so you have at least a small part of your old garden with you to the new place. Have you bought a new house already or still looking?

    Selling house aside, your summer house is beautiful, and I so like the shade of green you have chosen. If I wasn’t dictated by what my housing association decides for my fence, I would have liked to have that green colour on my fences. Instead I am stuck with ‘Forest oak’, which is what everyone has – cheaper to use the same colour in all the gardens. I have done a bit of finishing touches to my own garden too lately, but I am definitely not moving out 🙂

    Oh, and I agree you should keep the blog name, just add a sentence under to explain, or else people will fall away whilst trying to remember how to find you if you change to a new address. Good luck with everything, and keep us posted!

  25. Alistair – It looks like you might have a problem dragging Myra and Purdee out of the lovely summer house before you leave. It must be heart-breaking to leave behind what you’ve invested your time and money in for over forty years, but you seem to be taking it in your stride. Wish I could see the faces of the potential buyers when you open your back door during the viewing.

  26. Glad to read you’ve both finally made a decision Alistair – one which I’m sure didn’t come easy. The family will no doubt love having you both nearer.
    The summer house looks great, your garden will certainly impress any potential purchaser.
    I wonder, are you taking some of your plants with you? The logistics in that might not be practical.
    Good luck with choosing a new subtitle – my thought was Aberdeen Gardening – The Chesire Chapter!

  27. hello Alistair, I must say after the shock that you were moving in your reply to my comment on your previous post I am even more shocked that you have put so much time into making such a beautiful summerhouse only to leave it, I only hope who ever buys your house will love gardening and enjoy the garden you and Myra have created,

    thanks for the link to my blog, I did say ‘relocated’ was all that came to mind and I still think it is better as just Aberdeen gardening, afteral you might be gardening in a different area but from what you have said I think you and Myra are both Aberdonians and even if not Aberdeen is where you gained all your knowledge and experience of gardening, so the new garden will be created by 2 people from Aberdeen,
    good luck with it all, I look forward to seeing your updates when you have time, Frances

  28. Hi Donna, We were in this very same situation eight years ago. House up for sale and a retaining deposit on a new build. It all fell through mainly because we were not ready to give this up, that will not be happening on this occasion. It all takes a bit of time and I may still have one or two posts from Aberdeen before disappearing completely for a while, but I will be back. Thanks for your continued support and take care.

  29. You had me so excited seeing your beautiful new summer home a bit like my gazebo although yours has windows and mine screens and yours is certainly easier to clean….but then my dear friend Alistair I was so surprised to read you are moving…I think I will miss your garden almost as much as you. But I do look forward to your new adventure and garden that you create.

    Everyone has a different view and relationship with their blog…we blog for many reasons and created our blogs for different reasons so I understand your reluctance to give up the name, and maybe tweaking it a bit is the perfect middle ground….I like Frances’ suggestion of ‘relocated’. It gives a perfect description. I wish you much success with this new adventure….keep us posted as you start to get settled so we can see the new home. I hope you might bring some of your beloved plants so we can see them. Thanks for leaving us with this beautiful view……See you in England!

  30. Alistair,

    At first my draw dropped when you created this beautiful structure and, oh by the way, we’re dumping it on the market but embracing change is good for the soul. I was, still am, a branding expert and know there’s a lot of cache to keeping your name because we’ve all enjoyed seeing Aberdeen Gardening in our mailboxes and that’s your identity and the person we’ve built a relationship over the years. But I really know you may feel quite silly with the status quo. (You guys are much more prone to feeling silly about things than we are.)

    So, may I make a suggestion? How about Aberdeen Gardening South for the best of both worlds and I’ll forgo my old billable rate?



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