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Selling our Aberdeen Home — 30 Comments

  1. Ohh.. Wow!
    I was shocked to not you are selling off your home and moving to a new place.
    Hope you get a good buyer and that you manage to settle easy & comfortably.
    I am going to miss reading your garden adventures and truly is was worth it.
    Take care and really hope all works out the best for you.
    God bless.

  2. It’s always an anxious time when one’s house is for sale. Don’t forget the old trick of baking an apple pie so the house smells wonderful when you have potential buyers coming to look! (Or, if not enough time, stewing a bit of vanilla on the stove for a few minutes.) Other than that, all I know to do is wait. I hope the right buyer comes along soon!

  3. Alistair Myra
    Cant believe you have not sold such a lovely house and garden
    Pity you could not pack it all up and bring it down here to Cheshire
    It certainly would be on my list to visit your garden
    Hope it will not be too long before you do sell
    A big welcome to Cheshire I am sure you will soon settle in you are coming to a lovely county but then I am biased

  4. I’ve wondered a for a couple of years now just where in Aberdeen you stayed as I never seemed to see your front garden as I travelled and lived here, well I guess now I know!

    That is a stunning home and I love the spread you got in the magazine, it’s great to see everything in context.

    As it happens me and the wife are looking for a new place so I had a look and although I love it, even the decor and kitchen fittings are to our taste, it is sadly more than we are able to spend at the moment (a lot more so don’t contact me with an offer as my price would be insulting!)

    I wish you ever success in selling though and hope someone appear soon.

  5. I remember the anxious time when trying to sell our home. I was commuting to a new job and we were building a new house. You need to time to devote to the sale and move…keeping good thoughts as the right buyer will find your gorgeous home. Loved the slide show. Too bad I am not relocating to Aberdeen 🙂

    Love the cover shot of the 2 of you!! See you in Cheshire.

    • After viewing a number of houses on a recent visit to our daughters, only one is in the running. We have a good chance of getting it and Myra says she can see herself in that one. That in itself is a good cue for me to be happy with it. If it falls through we will be staying at our daughters until something else comes up. We are looking forward to the move which is in a village (market town) named (Holmes Chapel) incredibly pleasant and it will be warmer than Aberdeen although the average rainfall is higher.

  6. Good luck, dear Alastair and Myra, on the close of this wonderful, rich chapter and the start of your next chapter near your daughters. I hope your new life will include blogging, I say that for purely selfish reasons, because I would miss you if you disappeared from the blogosphere. I hope your lives in Cheshire will be full of smiles, like the cheshire cat in Alice, who disappeared but its smile continued.

  7. Good luck with everything and hope to see you back blogging when you got a new garden down south…well, south from where you are now, but up north from where I am 🙂
    Anyway, good news you sold the house, wishing you and Myra all the best!

  8. Oh, quite a shock to me. But, naturally life situations are changing. I moved to different city 10 years ago, and can still remember the sadness when I had to leave my old garden and house. But in few years I thought my new garden and house are already better than old ones. I wish you all the best !

  9. Congratulations on selling your house. I bet seeing yourself and your garden in the paper was a funny feeling. Will you be taking plants and/or cuttings with you? Myra’s elegant foreground pose and your toiling away in the background looks as though that is how things have always been.

    • It was more than a funny feeling. Myra not so long ago would get stuck into the gardening work every bit as much as myself. Severe back problems these days doesn’t stop her pottering and enjoying the garden as well as wielding the whip.

  10. Alistair, congratulations! New owners of your lovely house are very lucky people. To get such a gorgeous garden together with a house…. it’s a dream! I will miss your updates about the garden. It was a pleasure to watch it changing from season to season and learn about all the beautiful plants.
    Have a smooth transition and please, resume your blogging!

  11. Contemplating the day when we will move, still in the far away future. I know it isn’t easy to leave such a beautiful landscape behind that you’ve poured your heart into. But hey, we are gardeners, and we make the world lovelier wherever we go. Looking forward to seeing your new gardens. Chin up!

  12. Hi Alistair,
    Glad to hear you sold the house – I enjoyed reading the spread in the local paper and finally seeing what you both looked like! I really hope the new owners are gardeners – well if they are not I am sure they soon will be! They have all your blogs to teach them too! I am still reading them. I keep thinking about starting a blog for my own garden, especially what to do each month, just in case I have to leave it too! I never seem to get round to it though – always too much gardening to do! Maybe this winter….watch this space.
    Good luck to you both down in Cheshire.


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