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A final look at our Aberdeen garden in the Summer of 2013 — 41 Comments

  1. All the best in your new home. I will look forward to seeing and reading about your new garden.I know it will eventually be as breathtaking as your Aberdeen one. You are an inspiration to me (living in Canada — probably equally cold and unpredictable). Again, all the best and have a merry, merry Christmas! Lynn

  2. Hi Alistair… apparently I can not get the link since we are ouside the UK, but I did want to congratulate you. Your garden has certainly been one of a kind and worthy of recognition! Left out the “not” on my first attempt”… sorry… larry

  3. Best of luck with your move and congratulations on your feature! Please let us know if the show makes it to the internet so we can check it out.

  4. Hi Alistair,
    How exciting that your garden will be on Gardener’s World! What a fitting tribute to the garden you have created. I love Gardener’s World when I can manage to find recordings of the show online. Is there anyway you can tape the show and post it on You-Tube so we can all see it?
    I am looking forward to seeing how your new garden will progress. Good luck with the move. I hope it all goes well.

  5. Congratulations on being featured by BBC Gardeners World! If you want to use it, I’ll send your hat you wore in the pumpkin display, as I thought it suited you perfectly. And with that great smile, who cares what the rest of you looks like!

    Best wishes on your move! It must be bittersweet to leave such an outstanding garden, though there must be exciting possibilities ahead. I will be looking forward to seeing your new garden. Best wishes! Deb

  6. Hi Linnie, When you experience my television performance you will be sure to think hmm, once is enough. I will provide an online link and possibly subtitles and live with it regardless.

  7. Hi Alistair
    Thanks for reminding me to order a Rosa mundi this winter– I have had it in mind, and your lovely image did the trick. I think you should be on television every week, it would be about right considering your experience and knowledge, but we will make do with the one program (huge congratulations on that), to which of course you must somehow provide an online link for those of us here in the colonies– please! So relieved to read that you are moving 100 pots of plants with you. Plants, seeds, cuttings… all fair I think. I will be looking so forward to your updates from the new place.

  8. Maintaining your garden will be a great challenge for whoever lives in your house next. I’m not surprised Gardener’s World want to feature it. It’s quite something!
    Hope gardening in Cheshire will be fun. A different climate – warmer and wetter I would guess.
    Best wishes for the move. Looking forward to your reappearance. Don’t leave it too long.


  9. I will definitely keep in touch when I get started again Carolyn. I will find a way to add the Gardeners world clip to a post which I may well post sooner than I initially intended. They will have some amount of editing, I guess I was too self conscious regarding my local accent.

  10. Thank you Helene, the feeling is mutual I have also gained much insight from keeping up to date with your blog. I have a feeling that Enkianthus would behave itself in Aberdeen, not so sure about Cheshire though.

  11. Congratulations on being featured on Gardeners’ World, what a great finale to your successful garden! I watch it every week, I will see and hear you, voiceover or not 🙂 I have got so many ideas for my own garden by reading your blog, you have introduced me to plants that have ended up in my garden and plants that are still on my wish list. The Enkianthus Campanulatus looked really interesting, until I looked it up – final height and width 4.5 metres!! I suppose you will have to start thinking more like me from now on when you plan your new garden, tall and thin or small and compact, that way it is possible to squeeze in as many plants as possible. Enkianthus Campanulatus sadly does not fall into that category even though it looked lovely and probably would have liked my soil very well.
    I wish you both good luck with your move and I so look forward to reading about your new garden.

  12. Glad to have the chance to see one more series of photos from your garden. That’s very exciting about the BBC segment. Is there any way you could post a link or send it to me? I would also love to know when you are up and blogging again. Please don’t lose touch because I so enjoy communicating with you through our mutual love of plants.

  13. I wish you luck in your new home. I hope the new owners care for your beautiful garden. Much congratulations on the BBC interview/feature. You are very deserving.

  14. Thanks Donna
    I will be in touch soon before I sign of from Aberdeen for the last time. Will definitely look you up again after I get my act together.

  15. Congrats…perhaps I will find the video online to watch. I am so glad Alistair that you did this wrap up of your amazing garden so I could see all the beauty once more. I kept looking each of these plants, over and over savoring them one more time. I look forward to your new adventures…keep in touch and visit when you can!!

  16. Just to let you know – Blotanical is in beta and Stuart is still working on the new version. Keep in touch and I’ll keep the Blotanical News updated on my blogs sidebars.

  17. I think I will also find space for this Enkianthus in the new garden Rick. Our nearest town will be Crewe, do you know if Crewe is even wetter than Manchester?

  18. So much colour Alistair, it will be strange not to carry on charting the development of your Aberdeen garden. I love that Enkianthus Campanulatus. “White Swan” is one of my favourite echinaces, and seemingly much longer lived and robust than many of the more colourful hybrids out there now. I am growing some from seed and hope to have it flourishing in my front garden next year.

    All the best for your move, I hope it and the extension build go really smoothly and you find yourselves settling in to life in Cheshire and finding it feels like home faster than you anticipate. Look forward to “meeting” your new garden and catching up with you again in the New Year.

  19. Hi Alistair,
    Love the Enkianthus, and I am very tempted to get one. It must be very difficult to leave your garden, I suppose you have to think of it as a completed canvas and you are moving on to your next creation. I hope your move to join us down here in Cheshire goes well and I am sure you will soon want to get stuck into your new garden. Will watch your grand finale on the BBC and look forward to when you resume your blog. Best of luck for the future.

  20. Hi Larry
    The folks moving into the house do love the garden, they don’t actually have much in the way of gardening experience but I think initially they are getting a gardener to help out. We are taking all the plants which are in pots which number a little over 100. I havent bothered with blotanical for some time, just tried it just now and it came up fatal error. Look after yourself and continue to enjoy your garden for many years to come. I wont be blogging again until next year, I will look forward to catching up with you then.

  21. Alistair… you know how much I love this garden of yours and I’m certain the next chapter with your talent will also be spectacular! Will this garden live on… did folks with a love of plants purchase your property? Will you be taking certain plants with you to the new garden? Just the other day I was telling my son that when I’m gone, there will be a small fortune in plants so don’t get the chainsaw out! Now that I’m switching to dwarf and miniature conifers more heavily, they will be like an investment and easily moved if necessary, several years down the road. There must be a great excitement about having a fresh canvas… sometimes I try to imagine what that will be like. I’m just now awaiting the backhoe to pull out a number of specimen shrubs which I will give away… the older I get, the more I seem to appreciate openness in the gardens. One other thing… I can no longer access Blotanical… do you know anything about that or is the problem just here?
    Take care Alistair and enjoy these changes…

  22. That first photo is just amazing. My jaw dropped open when I saw it. I hope the new owners of your home and garden appreciate what you have created and handed over to them. How exciting to have the BBC come! Congratulations on that. I hope you can provide a link at some point where we could watch it from our computers. Good luck with all the aspects of moving. Looking forward to see what you will do with a new space!

  23. Pretty indeed all those lovely spring flowers that really brighten up your home.
    I guess its going to be a new beginning to the place you are shifting and I hope that you would find more greater joy and happiness in your new place.

  24. Congrats on quite an achievement you have created there on your little piece of Aberdeen, my friend. It’s wonderful how your blog will keep the memories fresh of your glorious days in the sun there for you and your family for many years to come. Good luck with Aberdeen South, Alistair.

  25. You’ve went out on a high Alistair! Your summer garden is magnificent. I think the fact that your last summer in Aberdeen has been the best one we’ve had for a while must feel good too.

    I was given a tip re Monarda last year – mulch in Autumn is supposed to help. I will say that it’s only now that I am seeing signs of it. I know not whether it worked or because the weather has been so good. I’m going to do the same this year so I can compare. Echinachea doesn’t do well here does it. I’ve bought countless plants and only ended up disappointed. Think how much fun you are going to have trying different plants.

    I hope all goes smoothly and look forward to reading your first post.

  26. Oh you are going to miss those beautiful blooms Alistair. And I’m going to miss your posts about them! I sense your love and devotion to every one of those beautiful blooms you’ve nurtured so well. Safe travels as you move. Remember… “You can take the gardener away from his garden… but he’ll just create a new one.” Looking forward to hearing of your new gardening adventures in Cheshire. What a wonderful send-off by the BBC Gardeners World. You certainly deserve the accolades.

  27. Your garden was always such a treat, Alistair. Not only did you have very noteworthy plants but they always looked to be in excellent shape, attesting to your regular maintenance.
    I very much look forward to seeing your new garden and the challenges it will present.

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