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Daphne Eternal Fragrance — 27 Comments

  1. Hi Alistair, I’ve been following your blog for sometime. I’m a fellow Scot (Edinburgh) living very happily in Sussex for the last 27 years and Essex for the previous 7 years. I’m so glad to hear you and Myra are starting to feel at home, it does take time but once you’ve built a network of friends you’ll really settle in. It looks very much like your new garden is going to look every bit as beautiful as your last one. I purchased and planted 3 of these Daphne’s in June and they are just producing their beautiful flowers, they seem to like where they are planted but it will be interesting to see how they fare in the winter. I’ve just purchased a Daphne Bholua Jacqueline Postill, I’ve planted it in a large pot as I have Honey Fungus in the garden so feeling a bit nervous about how it will progress, fingers crossed that it will, it wasn’t cheap. Good luck with all the work you have to complete on the house and garden.

  2. Hi Alistair, there’s also Daphne Odora Aureomarginata which has a striking golden edge to the leaves as well as the fragrance from the flowers, this one is on my “get three or more” list, but they don’t come cheap.

  3. Loving the look of the back garden and what a great apple tree. I don’t grow daphnes but you are the second person to profile this plant…I may have to look into one.

  4. Carolyn, thanks for bringing (sudden Daphne dieback) to our attention. Hope I don’t have to update my post at some time with bad news.

  5. True enough Frances, always other factors to take into account, and often enough best results can be had when all advice is ignored. I kind of get a kick out of writing how plants perform for me. Getting accustomed to the milder west coast climate here.

  6. there is nothing wrong with white Alistair, I like white flowers and blossom, your apple tree looks beautiful, the daphne looks like a lovely plant, I’ve often heard of them, as to evergreen it might cope with cold but possibly not gales, so it depends where you are gardening, Frances

  7. Don’t apologize for white plants, Alistair. I like to put drifts of them through the landscape — restful for the eyes. Can’t grow Daphne though, sorry to say. Your back garden looks amazing. P. x

  8. Hello Helene
    I hate when I buy a plant in a 2ltr pot and then find it had just been potted up. I think your Daphne odora ‘Aureomarginata’ is a little less hardy than eternal fragrance and also doesn’t have the long flowering period. Mind you in London I don’t think the hardiness would be an issue. I hope your plant didn’t have vine weevil grubs in it. Most plants do better for me when planted in the ground. I cant get out of the habit of over watering or having inadequate drainage.

  9. That is a lovely Daphne!
    I have been thinking for years about getting one, and last September I finally bought one. But I haven’t had much luck with it – a Daphne odora ‘Aureomarginata’ . First it threw all the leaves, then it flowered in late January, only two flowers, but at least it flowered. But 2 weeks ago one of the cats in the area knocked the pot over as I still haven’t planted it in the container where I will grow it – it turns out the Daphne not only lacks all its leaves, it has no roots either! Not sure how much roots it came with, some nurseries pot up plants just before they sell them and call a tiny plant a 2L plant – I feel cheated about that but when you buy online you can’t really check until the plant has arrived. I have complained about the Daphne to the nursery this week, haven’t heard back yet.

    Your experience with growing it in a container for a few years and then getting a much better result when putting it in a border makes me wonder if I should do the same – grow it to a good size and then find a space for it. At the moment I can’t plant a Daphne in the border, it will just drown among the other plants. I’ll see if they replace it, if not I think I will get a new one. Thanks for the info, very useful as always 🙂

  10. I wish I could smell the flowers! It looks like a beautiful little shrub. I love how it has a pink blush to the blooms.

  11. Hi Rick, I also had mezereum. its not a patch on the evergreen eternal fragrance. I am settling in best I can, not so easy with Myra struggling to get to grips with it all.

  12. The Daphne looks good Alistair, and it seems to have settled in to its new quarters well as I hope have you. I had D. mezereum in another garden a few years ago where it did reasonably well as it is meant two be one of the easier species. I was put off a bit by the very bare branches and the short flowering time so have never really looked at Daphne since so perhaps it is time for a review.

  13. Angie. I must make sure I dont do the same with Magnolia, mind you there is a multitude of plants which I have always intended to have in the garden.

  14. I’m so glad your daphne has settled in so well Alistair, I just wish the same was true for you and Myra, I hope as spring progresses things improve, I keep thinking about the pair of you. Your apple tree looks glorious, and the fence colour sets it off really well. It seems to be a really good year for fruit blossom, lets hope the harvests are equally impressive.

  15. You know Alistair, I tell myself every spring, I must get myself a Daphne and each spring comes and goes and my garden is still lacking!
    Gorgeous apple blossom – you’ve been left a lovely specimen there. I do hope you get the red fruits you wish for 🙂

  16. Oh now that is a very pretty Daphne. I can never get enough of white flowering shrubs. Your apple tree is looking good – so is your back garden. Did all of those pots of plants travel with you from Scotland?

  17. The daphne is lovely Alistair. It would appear that you are enjoying your spring! We are still running 10-20 degrees below normal so very little is happening in the gardens. The greenhouse is full of young plants which aren’t growing much as it is hard to maintain warmth, especially overnight. The good news is that we don’t freeze as has been common in past years so things may avoid that sort of damage if this pattern continues… do take care… Larry

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