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Aster Tongolensis Berggarten — 29 Comments

  1. Finally catching up with blog reading and look at your garden grow….so much going on and I love this aster….beautiful color. I like what you plan to do with your woodland area. I also noticed you have added ads to your blog…how did that happen?

  2. I am gambling a bit with these Asters Sunil, although there are other plants in the garden which seem to be doing well, in spite of them having a preference for free draining conditions.

  3. Hello Alistair, although I don’t have any, I like those kinds of asters too. I was wondering whether to introduce them into the garden, but unfortunately, I think the soil stays simply too wet and boggy through the winter for them to last long and thrive. There are many plants that I used to grow in the previous garden that would find the wet conditions in this new garden intolerable. On the flip side, there’s an opportunity to look into bog plants and plants that like their feet very wet. It’s all swings and roundabouts.

  4. Asters seem to be making a comeback and yours looks like a little beauty Alistair. I think it would have to go in a container with me to keep its feet dry but may be worth a try. Although I am only 80 meters above sea level higher than you my Pulmonarias have lost all their leaves.

  5. Never been an aster fan until a client last year gave me a clump. I managed to divide it several times & it flowered in the autumn spectacularly! And you’re right…that bluey colour is amazing.

  6. What a lovely looking plant Alistair, no wonder you are happy to have added it. I really like the way your garden is evolving, and what a lovely opportunity that woodland area is. Dogwoods? Camellias? And yes, lots of bulbs… Enjoy the new milder climate, it takes some getting used to, doesn’t it.

  7. Love this aster, Alistair. I have no luck with asters here and have given up, so now I have aster envy. Woodland gardens are very special — Glad you have one. I do the minimal amount of work in mine and get lots of compliments. Happy 2015! P. x

  8. A lovely Aster! I like Asters that can stand up for themselves and this one looks like it’d do the job very well. Well done on getting access to the woodland – my money is on you ending up doing more than planting a few bulbs!

  9. What a beautiful aster! There are two things about it that I really like: 1. It does not grow so tall as to become floppy. 2. The flowers seem much larger than the common aster with which I am familiar. Oh, there is also #3. The color is fabulous!

    I love your eerie light photo. Wishing you the best and happy gardening in 2105! It may look like nothing much is happening in your garden, but underneath the soil all those fabulous plants are getting ready for their spring extravaganza. Just wait!

  10. Hi Jennifer all visitors to the garden in early Summer wanted to know the name of this plant, its not one with a really long flowering period, about six weeks or so.

  11. Happy New Year Alistair! I made note of Aster Tongolensis Berggarton. I wonder if I will be able to find it at a local nursery here. I love the color and the long bloom time you speak of is a great bonus. Good luck with the woodland area. I am sure you will turn it into something special. It is -12 degrees here, so for us spring is a long way off.
    P.S. Very spooky holiday picture at the end there!

  12. What a nice aster! A pretty color, and I like how big the blooms are. That’s so great to have a woodland area. I’m sure the birds and other wildlife will enjoy it and be drawn to your garden!

  13. I so hope you have the same luck with planting as your last garden. It looks like you are off to a grand start. The boggy conditions might be an opportunity just waiting your “green thumb” touch.

  14. It is a great looking Aster Annette. Didn’t fall and it doesn’t have the look of a shaky hand either, perhaps it was the result of a raindrop on the lens.

  15. Lovely aster – I have added it to my wanted list. How lovely to have access to woodland behind your garden – it will be great to get some bulbs naturalising there.
    Oh dear, you didn’t fall over while you were taking that last photo did you?

  16. The woodland changes are unlikely to be very dramatic, its great even to have access to clear out the encroaching weeds. Nothing compares with the promise of Spring to come.

  17. Wow, a woodland to spread your wings, there are so many wonderful plants you can grow where you live now. My woodland corner is getting bigger and bigger, soon I have to rename it ‘Woodland-bottom-half-of-the-garden’.
    I like your aster, I got a new one last autumn, after it was finished flowering – Aster ‘Newstars Fantasy’ compact grower and mildew resistant – still remains to see how it performs. Great to see your spring bulbs arriving, only 7 weeks till we officially have spring!!

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