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  1. I used to be into the gaudy stuff Sunil, calming down a bit now. Although this Summer the front garden may be quite an explosion.

  2. Hello Alistair, some lovely sunny pictures of the woods around you, it’s amazing how different the “feel” of the woodland is depending on what’s planted in it and how long it’s been there. As for the primroses, I’m with you in that I don’t really like the bright and gaudy coloured modern varieties, I much prefer the elegantly understated species.

  3. I bought that primula a couple of years ago and it is the best I’ve ever bought. It comes back every year, divides perfectly and holds its colour perfectly. I have a potted clump in pride of place at my front door to put a smile on visitors faces.

  4. I love primulas and wish growing conditions in my garden were more to their liking. I manage to add a few every year and most seem to survive. I really like the ‘Gold Lace’ and will have to see if I can find one here. Your little woodland has such potential. I am sure primula will thrive there.

  5. How lucky you are to have the “adopted” woodland Alistair, as you know you are preaching to the converted when it comes to primulas, I really like the simplicity of Cheshire Life. I grow a few Gold Lace hybrids but I am never comfortable with them as I think they remind me too much of auriculas which are the only primulas I am not particularly fond of. Every man to his own I suppose.

  6. I envy you the river at the bottom of your garden, Alistair. We have land and woods, but no water. Primulas are my favorite plant (today,) and when the ground thaws I would like to plant some in our woodland walk. I have them in the main cottage garden. On second thoughts, I’m not sure if the deer will eat them though. Have to research that. Your new acquisitions are delightful. P. x

  7. I was just having a look at the woodland path yesterday Helene, and it is so very boggy after a couple of days rain. I am beginning to wonder if the likes of skunk cabbage would have been more appropriate.

  8. I am very fond of Primula vulgaris and have numerous plants dotted around the garden which gets divided regularly and increases the stock. Cheshire Life looks very sweet and not at all gaudy, I could find a place for it in my garden too 🙂

    You are lucky having access to such a nice woodland area next to your garden, such a treat!

  9. Hi Donna, The woodland is accessed solely from my garden but it doesnt belong to me. Perhaps it has a dark secret, in the meantime, I am claiming it.

  10. Hello Alistair,
    It is magic to see you are settled in and preparing for a lovely spring and summer in your new garden. I am sorry to report that I still have not managed to set up a website – I keep forgetting but thanks to your wonderful posts I am learning day by day.

    I agree with Linda your posts are sorely missed from Bonnie Banff

    Take care and enjoy your new life and garden x

  11. Aptly named for your new garden Alistair. It’s a lovely looking wee thing and through dividing you will be able to spread it all along your woodland walk. I can see from the picture that just those few wee plants brighten it up already.
    That woodland at the bottom of the garden will be a haven for all sorts of wildlife – great too that you have access direct.

  12. Alistair, your photos are really stunning. I wish you posted more often, as I find your photos beautiful and captivating. Thank you so much for sharing and warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. 🙂

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