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Clematis Montana Grandiflora — 13 Comments

  1. Hi Donna, most of these Clematis were those which we had in Aberdeen, the new ones here in Cheshire are developing nicely.

  2. Wow Alistair you have a fabulous collection…and I remember from your Aberdeen garden that the clematis were stunning there too…I have always loved Clematis Triternata Rubromarginata but was not able to get it to grow in my garden.

  3. I am also a great fan of C.montana Alistair, but I have always taken the pruning recommendation, “if it flowers before June don’t prune” with a pinch of salt. Usually with something as rampant as montana you have to prune to keep it in check and I have cut some really big specimens almost down to the ground before now only for them to come back as vigorous as ever. Although I wouldn’t make a habit of cutting them right back to the ground every year as you would the viticella group for example, I find you can cut them back to a manageable size to keep them within certain boundaries without any ill effects.

  4. Hi Sunil, Montana has the reputation of having the ability to completely smother its host and sometimes killing them off.

  5. Hello Alistair, we must be somehow linked, I’m preparing a post about a Clematis Montana “Wilsonii” that I have in the front garden growing into a tree and it’s flowered for the first time this year after a rather turbulent past. It’s a beautiful clematis but it’s going to quickly outgrow the small blossom tree it’s gradually taking over.

  6. I never had much success with Clematis in pots Annette.We did have Montana Mayleen growing up a Rowan tree quite successfully. I was never sure as to whether it was a good idea or not, sort of spoiled the look of the Rowan.

  7. A really enjoyable post. I love your white Montana. If it grows as easily as the pink one I have that came from a cutting then I think I will try it. I also love your blue Clematis Perle d Azur.
    I have bookmarked your page ready for the next time I am buying a clematis. Do you know if any would grow under mature trees where it is really dry? I am thinking Montana would be the best thing to try? Or maybe I should grow one in a pot so it has some decent soil.

  8. Alistair, you have a good collection of clematises! Clematis montana is my favorite! It’s vigorous, beautiful and produces baby plants! Mine is about 10-11 years old. I promise myself to cut it down after blooming, to reinvigorate it, but hesitate (they say it won’t bloom for 2-3 years after it).

  9. So many beautiful Clematis Alistair. Both my montana are relatively new, both C. montana var rubens Marjorie. This will be the first year they bloom, still full of buds. C. mme Julia Correvon is one of my favourites. You did well with the rescues and the arch looks lovely – the black metal really shows up those white blooms.

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