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Nepeta Nervosa Blue Moon — 41 Comments

  1. Hi, stumbled upon your site whilst researching this gorgeous Nepeta & was soon engrossed in your posts, much better (truer general information ) than the garden centres etc give, will be catching up on your other posts during the winter months, so thank you for such an informative site.

  2. Hi Alistair,
    I am enquiring if I can use your pictures of sedums in return for a link back to your website? The pictures would be included on a pgae about sedums which i am currently writing. They would be attributed to you of course.

    Many thanks.

  3. Hi Alastair, thank you for featuring the plant I identify with. There are a lot of different varieties, colours, shapes and sizes. I like this one even though it sounds like a psychiatric diagnosis. The land you walked on looks great. Got me thinking there are different kinds of parks, formal and wild(ish). That looks like public land, so maybe the local government could just make a few safe paths?

  4. Hmmmmmmm…… I might give this a go. Need a ‘splash’ of blue in the garden but something new & upright….looks like this’ll fit the bill. Ta x

  5. Esther, the growth retardant product does not seem to be freely available for public use, although my parents seem to have passed it on to me, you know, short arse and all that stuff.

  6. I have Nepeta Six Hills Giant and the neighbourhood cats haven’t shown any interest in it so far.

  7. Helene, previously when we had catmint it certainly did attract the cats in the neighbourhood, they don’t seem interested in Blue Moon.

  8. I have never grown any type of catmint before, perhaps I should – although with the amount of cats in the area I have now moved to I guess it could be a problem for my own cat, he gets furious if any of them dare to enter ‘his’ garden. The Nepeta nervosa ‘Blue Moon’ looks stunning, I have put it on my wish-list for my sunny border – thanks for introducing me to yet another plant I didn’t know 🙂

  9. Hi Alistair, as a newbie gardener I have been reading your posts eagerly. What a fantastic blog! Thank you for sharing so much info in so much detail. I found your blog as I was researching Japanese Knotweed. We have a plant that looks very much like the one on your Garden Pond post of July 2012. Did you ever find out what your mystery plant was?

  10. I just have the common Nepeta ‘Walker’s Low’ which is very reliable. I love yours, Alistair, because the blooms are so much ‘fatter’ than my skinny ones. I can’t get enough blue in my garden. P. x

  11. Rick, I had been thinking along similar lines, although it is very surprising to me as to how much Lavender I see looking so very healthy around these parts.

  12. Hi Alistair, I always think why struggle to grow lavender in other than the perfect conditions for it when you can use Nepeta and your Nepeta nervosa blue moon looks a little smasher.

  13. Oddly, our very own cat, 16 years old and admittedly getting on a bit, is not interested in the Six Hills Giant – totally unmoved by it. However, a frequent visitor is clearly driven to a frenzy by it! Different stroke 🙂

  14. Hi Alistair, Well, I never knew that! It could quite explain why my dwarf lavender is reaching for the skies and the patio rose, now planted in the long border, is competing very well with ‘normal’ sized rose bushes. Although I already grow Nepeta Six Hills Giant, with difficulty having had to put a cage of wire mesh over it to protect it from a neighbouring cat, I have just this week treated myself to Nepeta Blue Dragon, a tall variety growing 18″ to 24″ tall with huge blue flowers. It’s destined for a central position in a newly created flower bed. Thanks for sharing your photos taken at Dane Meadow – they are lovely.

  15. Hello Alistair, Nepeta is one of the plants on my list and I’m hoping to start it off from seed and have clumps of them about the garden. We are surrounded by the cats of neighbours and I wonder what the effect might be of suddenly planting out these cat mints in a border might be. I’ll be fun to record.

  16. I will look forward to being the first visitor to your blog Lorraine. (good luck) ps even after all these years of being a garden enthusiast, only my wife shares the passion.

  17. Thank you, that’s very kind of you. I think I’ll just have to take the bull by the horns, stop procrastinating and get on with it. I just love gardening but unfortunately few of my friends and family share my passion, their eyes start to glaze over if I talk about it for more than a few minutes. Having a blog to share with other enthusiasts would be such a pleasure, I’ve always enjoyed writing too so it would kill two birds with one stone. I’ll let you know as soon as I’ve got it up and running, I’d love it if you were my first ‘customer’.

  18. Hello Angie, this nepeta doesnt have the familiar fragrance of most other catmints. Yes those Chrysanths are a typical example.

  19. Hello Donna, yes I think they could develop this area further. The speed this nepeta is developing, I am going to have loads of freebies.

  20. Lorraine, It has been all trial and error with me. My son in law set up my original site but since then I have learned a lot. Bloogger and wordpress are probably the best which offer free blogs. Idea is to work your way through the process and when complete I will see if I can be of some help and often a google search will give the answer to the problem. good luck

  21. I’m afraid I don’t. I’d love to start one but I’m rather daunted by the process. I have found a good site that talks you through the various steps but it’s the ‘plug-ins’ that baffle me, I can’t get my head round what they are. If you are willing or able to offer any advice, I’d be really grateful

  22. Alistair it is quite a beautiful spot….easily part could have a park like atmosphere while maintaining its wildness. I have a similar nepeta…looser flower heads but similar in growth and appearance and it is just beginning to seed around a bit. Mine in full sun will get to 3 ft tall is is well loved by our hummingbirds….it also flowers long, but your advice to prune is good and if I can I will try it.

  23. I was always under the impression that growers treated plants to keep them small. I know that some of those dwarf Chrysanthemums and the like only remain dwarf for 1 year. Those growers always have a trick up their sleeve, don’t they?
    That said, you’ve chose a lovely plant and interesting to see that your cat doesn’t have the same attraction to it than your previous ones in Aberdeen. I have also found that with Nepeta subsessilis, my cats completely ignore this one too.

  24. Thats interesting Indie, I just recalled getting an aconitum from this very same nursery which was in full bloom,very short and this year it has rocketed. I dont mind the pinching out which can be very beneficial.

  25. I was recently reading an online guide to growing certain annuals( while wondering if I should pinch mine to branch out or not). It was obviously meant for large-scale growers, and it recommended certain chemicals to put on them to make them shorter, but more branching, basically mimicking the pinching effect. I wonder if they did something similar with the Nepeta, going for a shorter habit but more branched and with more blooms to sell it better. Crazy (and rather sad) how they have chemicals for all sorts of things now. The Nepeta is very pretty though, and I like it even at it’s taller height 🙂

  26. I love that catmint and will add it to my ever growing wish list. I too have often bought supposedly dwarf varieties and they have grown to normal size. It can be annoying but in this case I think you have benefited.
    You walk in the Meadow looks lovely.

  27. I love this plant, I’ve never heard of it but it’s a definite must have. I have two different types of Nepeta already and will certainly be adding this variety, they’re plants that just keep on giving aren’t they. Thank you Alistair for bringing this to our attention, it really is a beauty.

  28. Alistair, as always, I love your posts! I also have a fondness for Nepeta and had several varieties growing among the roses in our Massachusetts garden. Love your natural park area as well.

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