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Kniphofia Ember Glow — 17 Comments

  1. Informative post about Kniphofia Alistair, unfortunately as I always associated them with sun they are a big no-no for me, if you have a “hot” area I am sure they are ideal. One of the few things I can remember from my early years is that my father took me on the Liverpool overhead dock railway, known as the “Docker’s Umbrella” in 1954, just before it was closed. A burnt out liner was moored at one of the many docks which were still operating then. I have been back to Liverpool on many occasions over the years and there is no doubt, that along with many iconic buildings, that pubs like the Philharmonic have interior decor which is legendary, the beer isn’t bad either.

    • Rick, certain things just stick in your mind and stay with us forever. Just did a google search on dockers umbrella, very interesting to see all the pics from bygone days.

  2. Hi Alistair, I think you just have confirmed that trying to grow all sorts of plants for all types of soil in the same garden is just not possible. I tried Kniphofia in my old garden too, twice. No success. But my camellias and Rhododendrons were very happy there. I could never grow dianthus either 🙂
    Here in my new garden I might have the opposite problem, might struggle to keep the acid loving plants happy, but I might try Kniphofia again!

    I understand Cilla Black was a British icon for many people, I have seen the TV series about her that went a couple of years ago. Never been to Liverpool though, it’s said to have the most Norwegian descendants in the whole of UK. That’s why they are called Scouse – comes from the Norwegian sailors’ favourite dish ‘Lapskaus’ or skaus/scouse. I used to make a very good Lapskaus, but just realised I haven’t made it since moving to London – that’s 16 years ago 🙂

  3. Hello Alistair, my other half doesn’t like kniphofia but recently, we saw a mango-orange coloured one at a garden centre that we both liked so that particular one will be making an appearance. I’ve just found the picture I took for it and interestingly enough it’s called “Mango Popsicle”.

  4. Hi Allistair, thanks for dropping by my site. I used to be a constant visitor to your posts in your old place, and has been here till after you transfered. Then i stopped blogging for a few months and i haven’t been peeping into your new garden since then. When i see these plants in temperate countries i love them but i didn’t know what they are, now i know but the name is so unfamiliar. I wish you named some of my NOID plants in my last post, hahaha!

  5. So much to talk about Alistair…love the Ember Glow although I don’t grow it…looks so tropical to me. I grew up in Liverpool, NY which has ties to your Liverpool. And I grew up loving the British rock of the early 60s too. It is sad Cilla never did make it to America so we could hear her. Thanks for bringing her to us now.

    • Well,well, Liverpool in America! Didn’t know that Donna, mind you there is also an Aberdeen in the states, must look it up sometime. Cilla at the height of her success did go to America with her manager, She stayed for a number of weeks, got frustrated with her lack of success and came home before she was due to do so. Burt Bacharach has been over here doing some television appearances promoting some show which includes all of his past successes. Still sharp enough for an 87 yr old.

  6. Your kniphofias look wonderful Alistair, I tried ‘Little Maid’ a couple of years ago but the slugs did for it, I never got to see it bloom. I may try again…

    Glad you liked Liverpool, I lived there for a year and still love it dearly, the people are so friendly and it is such a vibrant city, with as you say, amazing architecture.

    • Janet, seems like Kniphofia can be temperamental, I will be keen to see how ours is next year.
      Even on a short visit it was apparent that the people of Liverpool were indeed very friendly.

  7. HI Alastair, I love red hot pokers, all colours, and have tried various species, but for some reason they didn’t like me. I enjoyed reading about Liverpool, and I am so impressed by your new slider photo technology! I have no idea how to do that.

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