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Hydrangea Macrophylia AB Green Shadow — 18 Comments

  1. Shame about the Skimmia Alistair, although I grow a few Hydrangeas I have never really been a big fan of the macrophylla types. In recent years I have reviewed my opinion, not least because of a dearth of late colour, and have now purchased a few young plants including both macrophylla and arborescens cultivars to brighten up the end of 2016.

  2. what a beautiful plant the Skimmia is. I’d never heard of it so googled it, lovely pink flowers. Worth waiting for. Do you know I never thought of the link between the name of hydreanga and its watering needs! My favourite is oak leaf hydrangea but I’ve never tried to grow it because I think it wouldn’t survive without being watered.

  3. Oh that is too bad about the Skimmia….I can see why you wanted it….doesn’t look readily available here…it reminds me of a holly with those berries. And that hydrangea is a stunner. I love the dark green leaves and red/pink flowers….beautiful in that pot. These hydrangeas are iffy in my garden because of the cold winter.

  4. That’s a beautiful color for a hydrangea flower, would love to see the green phase too. Nice to hear from you. I have been off blogging for a while and hope to get back up to speed.

  5. I do love hydrangeas that grow well in pots. Green Shadow is a beauty! I have purple/red ‘Oregon Pride’, and it kept its color longer than any blue hydrangeas.
    Now, I’ll google your Skimmia, you made me curious. Have a great weekend Alistair!

  6. I’m sorry about your Skimmia, but this Hydrangea is fab! Such depth of colour! I grew up in Cheshire – there is certainly plenty of rain there! I have Hydrangea plants in my garden here in Norfolk. The weather is a little dryer than they like, so positioning is everything. Drip zones suit them – although some will still sulk until they get a little more water. Annabelle can be particularly sulky, but I have her in the dampest corner of the garden and she appears to be as happy as she can be.

    • Sarah, I like Hydrangeas, however I think I may be prepared to swap Cheshire for Norfolk. Having said that, I am finding Spring and Summer more pleasant here than I expected.

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