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Hydrangea Macrophylia AB Green Shadow — 18 Comments

  1. Sunil, just about missed your comment as no email came through, (trouble with talk talk) The frost finally arrived and the Hydrangea took a hit.

  2. Sarah, I like Hydrangeas, however I think I may be prepared to swap Cheshire for Norfolk. Having said that, I am finding Spring and Summer more pleasant here than I expected.

  3. I’m sorry about your Skimmia, but this Hydrangea is fab! Such depth of colour! I grew up in Cheshire – there is certainly plenty of rain there! I have Hydrangea plants in my garden here in Norfolk. The weather is a little dryer than they like, so positioning is everything. Drip zones suit them – although some will still sulk until they get a little more water. Annabelle can be particularly sulky, but I have her in the dampest corner of the garden and she appears to be as happy as she can be.

  4. Hello Alistair, it looks a very festive plant with the red flowers contrasting with the deep green leaves. It rather reminds me of an outdoor poinsettia!

  5. So now I know why hydrangeas do so well in Devon. It’s all the rain! Green Shadow is a beauty.

  6. I do love hydrangeas that grow well in pots. Green Shadow is a beauty! I have purple/red ‘Oregon Pride’, and it kept its color longer than any blue hydrangeas.
    Now, I’ll google your Skimmia, you made me curious. Have a great weekend Alistair!

  7. That’s a beautiful color for a hydrangea flower, would love to see the green phase too. Nice to hear from you. I have been off blogging for a while and hope to get back up to speed.

  8. Oh that is too bad about the Skimmia….I can see why you wanted it….doesn’t look readily available here…it reminds me of a holly with those berries. And that hydrangea is a stunner. I love the dark green leaves and red/pink flowers….beautiful in that pot. These hydrangeas are iffy in my garden because of the cold winter.

  9. what a beautiful plant the Skimmia is. I’d never heard of it so googled it, lovely pink flowers. Worth waiting for. Do you know I never thought of the link between the name of hydreanga and its watering needs! My favourite is oak leaf hydrangea but I’ve never tried to grow it because I think it wouldn’t survive without being watered.

  10. The hydrangea is fantastic; I am afraid blooms on all my hydrangeas have been gone for months, casualties of our hot summer. The skimmia sounds delightful!

  11. Shame about the Skimmia Alistair, although I grow a few Hydrangeas I have never really been a big fan of the macrophylla types. In recent years I have reviewed my opinion, not least because of a dearth of late colour, and have now purchased a few young plants including both macrophylla and arborescens cultivars to brighten up the end of 2016.

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