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North facing conservatory — 32 Comments

  1. Hi Alistair, the conservatory looks amazing, you did well to get it sorted so quickly! Really love the little finishing touches too, great job. Keep up the posts!

  2. Hi Alistair I had the same problem with the Internet connection in our garden room. My grandson came up with the BT Hotspot extenders just plug one in near your router and the other near your garden room and they work wirelessly through your electric waves. Marvellous.
    Your room looks good just the right size and the garden is looking great you have done so much in such a short time.
    Regards Glenis

  3. How lovely! What a nice place to view the garden where there won’t be any bugs or chilly breezes! And it is probably better off in the North position vs. the South where it would get so hot. Enjoy!

  4. I’m willing to bet you don’t regret your new garden room Alistair. Both you and Myra will make full use of this new addition to your home. Well done on taking the plunge.

  5. Very true and sometimes they can be over filled with furniture but with a bit of prudence they can look very beautiful indeed.

  6. Hello Alistair, in the winter, it’s absolutely perfect for protecting more tender plants. Now you can have cannas, bananas, palms and dahlias out in the garden for the summer and have them in the conservatory over the winter. With the radiator connected it’s a heated greenhouse for your tropicals!

  7. Your new garden room looks like a wonderful place to relax with a mug of tea and some music, and perfect for admiring your garden as it explodes into growth. Definitely worth doing. Though I don’t think you’ll be allowed to walk in from the garden in muddy boots…

  8. Although you already had direct access to your garden the addition of an extra “room” which really takes you out there is so good. I have to walk down steps from the kitchen door to get into the garden so never really have that feeling of being part of it which makes me really envious!

  9. We so much enjoy sitting in our 3/4 enclosed ‘conservatory’ or the sunny bay window.
    Just need a pleasant view and very comfortable chairs.

  10. It’s wonderful ‘garden room’ Alister. I love it and would like the same, if I had lived in my summer cottage all the year. I think you could have many pots of plants in it , the sills are wide enough.

  11. No it wouldn’t die, in fact it may do it good, unlikely to flower in the first year after cutting back. If it does well then you will know that it is the type that requires hard pruning.

  12. Lorraine, I am surprised that we decided to get a conservatory, glad we did. In my experience a conservatory only looks bad if it is allowed to become tatty.

  13. Hi Anne, the one which flowers in April just needs a tidy up in mid Summer if necessary. If your other one flowered in mid Summer I would say that it was more than likely the type which needed hard cutting back in March. I cut most of ours hard back only because I know they are the type which require it.

  14. Your garden is so beautiful.Do you cut back clematis that are growing over fences etc. I have one growing over a fence here ,If I remember it flowers early summer and its white,not sure whether I should cut it back.Also have a white one in a pot which flowers around April,May and is full of buds should I be feeding and watering it Alistair?

  15. I have to say I’m not a great fan of conservatorys but your one looks really lovely Alistair. Unlike many I’ve seen it seems to fit the house and garden perfectly, it doesn’t dominate. I’m sure you’ve made the right decision and will derive enormous pleasure from it, especially as you have such a beautiful garden.

  16. Got your reply through email Carolyn. but it doesn’t seem to show up on my blog
    I don’t do Facebook Carolyn, may get around to it. Not sure how this reply thing works so I will also leave message on my blog.

  17. What a lovely idea! Even though you say it is “small”, I think it is just the right size. Over here across the “pond” in the US, we often see beautiful conservatories featured in European gardens but mostly in your country.
    I know it will bring a lot of pleasure to both of you.
    And I love the look in your garden right now. Nothing like daffodils to make you feel like winter is over.
    Thank you for your lovely blog. I always enjoy reading what you are planting or what is blooming or as in this case, new improvement.

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