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Veronicastrum Red Arrows — 16 Comments

  1. Hi Deb, the veronicastrum virginicum in our garden doesn’t require support, however this one Sibericum does. Canes are discretely placed.

  2. Hi Helene, we are already feeling that we have made a mistake with the big central border in our back garden. Its simply too over powering, mainly due to the height of the plants. Working out a plan at the moment.

  3. What a lovely plant you are presenting this time Alistair, I have not seen this one before but it would look lovely in a garden with enough space for a drift of it. Also pleased to see how mature your garden look, after a relatively short time since you started on it. I am 2 years behind you and I still have lots of plants from my previous garden yet to get in the ground, but I have a loose vision of what it should look like when all the plants are planted – eventually!

  4. Veronicastrum is a striking plant. I don’t see any stakes. Does it stay upright without assistance. I love the flowers, as well as the foliage. And your entire garden is amazing! i look forward to seeing your project.

  5. I grow Leonotis for the tiered leaves, and Elegia capensis. Such a different look to most plants.

    Still waiting patiently for your surprise …

  6. Hi Carolyn, thanks for bringing it to my attention that you picked up on this Veronicastrum as being from Siberia by reading my comments. I mentioned this half way through my post, but have now also added the information near the top also. Thanks again.

  7. I grow V. virginicum, I believe the common name is Culver’s root. It is native to the US and is a great plant. I had no idea there was a Siberian form until I read your comments.

  8. Hi Rick, we also have the Veronicastrum virginicum alba. To be honest it is a better looking plant than Sibericum, but thats a story for another day.

  9. Hi Alistair, your garden has come on in leaps and bounds, hard to believe the short time you have been there. Veronicastrum is not a plant I have grown which I think needs to rectified. It’s interesting that ‘Red Arrows’ is from Veronicastrum sibericum whilst the majority of cultivars have been developed from Veronicastrum virginicum, yours must be super hardy the species originating in Siberia.

  10. Hi Annette, I will reveal all in a couple of weeks, (well, you know what I mean) I think our soil is high in nutrients, the white plant is the old fashioned annual (Allysum)

  11. Your garden is looking amazing. I bet you have increased the house prices in your street with your front garden too. I was hoping to see your major project as we started to look at the front, but see we will have to wait. . ..
    Some of your plants seem very large, e.g. antirrhinum and lobelia. Is that just the climate or do you use a fertilizer? What is the white plant between the blue lobelia in the front – I couldn’t quite see?
    Things are growing well here too, hope to publish some photos soon, but a bit busy catching up after two weeks away. The weeds have had a field day!

  12. What an interesting plant Veronicastrum, Alistair. I should plant in in my garden as well. Does it go to zone 5a?
    I love your garden especially the last photo – pretty combination of white and blue!

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