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  1. Well Sunil, I guess at this stage of our lives its all about the house, a nice big bungalow with a fantastic sun room. The garden, its small but will make the best of it probably in a more formal way.

  2. Wow Alistair, so you’ll be moving back to Scotland and it will be “Almost” Aberdeen Gardening again! I hope the house build goes to plan and the developers fill your new garden with a good depth of soil. Do you know how large your new plot will be? When your Cheshire house is put on the market, it will be fascinating to see viewers’ thoughts on the garden.

  3. Thanks Helene, looks like we will be in for mid January. The size of the garden at this stage in our lives doesn’t seem to be quite so important now. Bungalow is fabulous though, we will of course make the most of the garden, a bit more formality this time.

  4. Alistair, I am so happy for you and Myra finding this new place, I hope the build goes well and that everything will be finished on schedule. Now that you have downsized your garden once, you will possibly have to scale down a bit more for this new one? It doesn’t mean you need to have less plants though, as I think I probably showed in my previous garden – you just have less lawn, gravel, paving and open spaces 🙂 Good luck with everything!

  5. Wow! You are moving again! Changes keep you young, however, so best wishes! Sometimes I dream of small space gardening. I am looking forward to reading all about it!

  6. Thank you Diana, another bonus we haven’t mentioned is, our youngest daughter lives nearby to our new place. Will definitively miss our family here in Cheshire, fortunately, they are all itching to get back to London, and no longer have the guilt of doing so.

  7. Delighted for Myra, and you, that a happier opportunity has opened up.

    You will miss your grandchildren?

    I much look forward to following every detail as you plan and plant the next garden!!

  8. Coast and Edinburgh, one of my favourite cities. What could be better?
    I love that Sanguisorba too, I’ve planted three and hoping for great things next year.

  9. Alistair, I’m sure your new home and garden will be nice. I’ve been to Scotland, near Loh Lomond and I liked this place. About Sanguisorba officinalis – it’s a very often plant here and is used as treatment. Lovely photos!

  10. Thanks for dropping by Annette. I must say, not in a million years did I see this happening. All systems go here, although we dont move until January, in fact it may well turn out to be February. I will keep blogging, simply because I enjoy it and I have a back log of plants which I have grown in this garden and Aberdeen which I have not included in my A to Z of plants as yet.

  11. Oh Alistair – so pleased to hear you are moving back to Scotland. Edinburgh is a wonderful city and there are some beautiful coastal places close by. I wonder where you will be? So you will be starting again from scratch with your garden. Edinburgh seems to be slightly ahead of Aberdeen as regards seasons and you will have at least two lovely bloggers for company, Angie of Angie’s garden Diaries and Joanna of Edinburgh Garden Diary. I hope you will continue blogging as it will be lovely to see yet another of your gardens take shape.

  12. How exciting for you – a brand new space to make your own. I am looking forward to seeing your new home and garden.


  13. Good for you .
    My grandparents born and bred in Aberdeen moved to Lancashire in the 60’s they also moved back after 2 years. I hope you will be very happy in your new abode although I I thoroughly enjoyed the transformation of the garden is Cheshire I shall look forward to the progress of the new property and garden. Good luck to you both

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