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  1. Yes, couple of Rhododendrons in the back garden Nadezda. The artificial turf should keep the garden looking tidy in Winter.

  2. I love your courtyard garden, Alistair. It’s very cozy. Your background garden is well planned and I see there rhododendrons, am I right? About you decision to make artificial lawn – I support you, because to care lawn in wet climate is not easy, I know it having my experience.
    Your Juniperus horizontalis is awesome, I had the similar but it couldn’t survive last winter and I threw it away.

  3. I remember those conifer and heather years Rick. No plans to increase the size of the borders, I, of course, would not rule out a U-turn.

  4. Hi Alistair, you seem to have transformed the area already and as you say it will only improve with time. I am not a great lover of conifers, probably because I became fed up of them in their trendy years, but your little juniper certainly fits in with the effect you are trying to achieve. I am wondering how long it will be until the size of your “lawn” area gets reduced as the border expands? 🙂

  5. Hi Sunil, with having a smaller garden I am not that bothered with the additional watering regime. Mind you, I will have to get it right as in the past I have had a tendency to over water.

  6. Hello Alistair, I must admit that looking at the first picture of the Juniper, I was expecting the next one to show the plant dead. I’m glad it’s revived. The courtyard is very special isn’t it? You’ll have to keep up with the watering and feeding when you have trees in pots.

  7. Donna! so good to hear from you. Yes, we are all planted up. Everything seems to be growing well here, frosts aren’t so very severe in Winter and the Summer is a little kinder than it is in Aberdeen. Hope you are keeping well, take care and make a wise choice when moving time arrives.

  8. Hi Larry, our gardening style has changed for our needs of today. I guess I will miss our gardens of previous years but will be sure to make the best of what we have.

  9. Good to see you gardens Alistair!! I grow Limeglow Juniper under my Metasequoia ‘Ogon’ and it is a nice combo…. I’m finding that there are a goodly number of attractive Junipers that don’t have a will to take over the garden after many years… Larry

  10. Well my goodness I have been gone for a long time….I knew you were moving but wow you are in and planted. I like the idea of the Japanese garden and low maintenance with the gravel. Once it grows in, what a statement it will make. I agree though, it would have been too much gravel in the back garden for me too. And I did not even notice it was fake grass. I just turned 60 and with shoulder injuries and back injuries, I am looking to down size my garden and house with a move in a few years. Lots of great ideas here. You always plant the most amazing container gardens and here again you have outdone yourself.

  11. Definitely have to keep on top of the watering Ellen. These last two days have seen the first serious rain since early February.

  12. Off to a very nice start! That will looks so great when everything fills in. I have several Juniper Limeglow shrubs. They do turn very bronzy (and really kind of dead looking) in winter, but they seem to be impressively hardy. Mine are in terrible clay soil in a very exposed, sunny area with no care whatsoever, and they keep coming back every year (though with very little growth). I hope you enjoy yours – it’s a great plant for your Japanese garden!

  13. Nooooo! Not fake grass, aaargh! Seriously Alistair, it is all looking fabulous, well done! How on earth do you cope watering so many pots? I am trying to reduce the amount of pots in my garden as it is just too time consuming for me with the watering. I am in the south, so I guess we are that much drier down here…..Lovely to see the photos, thanks for sharing!

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