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Filipendula Rubra Venusta — 10 Comments

  1. Hello Alistair, you’ve surprised me! I have a friend up in Banchory that is growing a trachycarpus though! Those plants in the pictures tend to be close to walls or houses so benefiting from additional protection. I do that down here too with the Banksiae rose growing against the house.

  2. Interesting research, Alistair! I did never see Hebe so tall.
    About Filipendula, I liked it’s a good idea for my garden too. It’s very hardy up to -35 C (wiki) and goes well to our climate.

  3. Weather is part of the context and plants grow where it suits them, sometimes surprising us. I have never seen a Hebe that tall, it’s like a giant! Glad to hear you’ve settled down in Fife, Alastair.

  4. It’s a difficult one, that: when a plant is imposing and when it’s overwhelming. And where things grow . . . I have moved to Halifax (West Yorkshire) where the climate is somewhat cooler and very much wetter than on the south coast of England so I was expecting a much greater difference in plant life than there actually is. When i get into the countryside the difference may be starker than on allotments and in public spaces, plants new to me growing on higher or boggy ground. I camped in Cornwall a few weeks ago and saw plants we didn’t get in Dorset and grasses new to me growing in the roadside. Perhaps we should move once in every three years to notice the differences while they are still fresh in our minds.

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