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Geranium Patricia — 21 Comments

  1. Thats fantastic, it had been a young plant but was determined to make enough growth to bloom in its first year. Next year it will bloom in it normal time, good long flowering period.

  2. I have just read your article, having Googled whether Patricia can bloom in winter. I bought a plant in early summer in memory of my old friend Patricia who sadly passed away. The plant lay fairly dormant during summer but flowered late October and is looking really good still in November.

  3. Thanks, Pam, you are very kind. Rozanne is yet another plant which I must have, going to be a lot of container grown ones in this garden.

  4. I don’t have ‘Patricia’ but ‘Rozanne’ blooms longer than any other plant I grow. It’s still going strong in my garden despite our extreme summer weather. I suspect the compost you gave your little beauty, was instrumental in extending it’s bloom time. I’m not a new gardener, Alistair, but you always inspire me! P. x

  5. Thanks for dropping by Lucy. I also enjoy finding out stuff by personal experience, mind you a helping hand for the beginner is often appreciated.

  6. I enjoy it when people find out things by their own experience rather than by looking them up on line alone. It’s more dynamic. And in my own life, I gain a great deal of joy from discovering for the first time masses of things which millions of people have already known for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

  7. Hello Alistair, that geranium looks amazing, especially since most other plants are fading. We don’t have geraniums in the garden but there are gaps in the borders where I can see that a geranium or two would fit perfectly. This one is definitely for the shopping list.

  8. Hi Rick, last Winter and Spring here in Fife was dry and relatively mild. Summer arrived and we probably had as much rain as you did. Never mind, enthusiasm remains high.

  9. Preaching to the converted here Alistair, geraniums are amongst my favourite plants they are just so versatile thriving in sun or even deep shade depending on the one you choose. Many of mine are still flowering despite having been battered by rain and wind all “summer”, as good a factor as any for you to be happy to have moved to the east of the country away from here.

  10. Congratulations on completing your A-Z! This looks like an excellent cross. I love G. psilostemon, and although some of my plants are still flowering, they account for about 15% of them. The rest are looking pretty sad so I will give ‘Patricia’ a whirl. Thank you!

  11. Sorry Alistair ,I should have Read your whole Blog then I would have saw it was Related to Psilostemon !!!

  12. Hi Allistair.
    We have a similar Geranium in our Garden named Psilostemon but that is normally finished by the end of August .The long flowering time of Patricia is a real bonus .Thanks for sharing it with us .

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