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Award winning Aberdeen garden — 32 Comments

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  2. Beautiful garden Alistair. Its so relaxing to watch. Few months ago, I told you I’m growing lavender from seed. I did it!!! I have grown 6 beautiful seedlings out of many. I feel so happy. I have grown daffs, Tulips first time in life and feel so achieved. Looking forward for first summer …. cannot wait.. Are you in friendly gardeners facebook group?

  3. Gorgeous! I am glad I did not miss this! Really looking forward to seeing what you do in your new garden.

  4. Good on you, Alastair, for doing something different. I loved watching the video, as you say, one sees the garden in a completely new way. Glad to hear you’re enthusing about your new garden too.

  5. Stunning, Alistair. You must miss it terribly. The new owners were so very lucky — I hope they are keeping it up. But you can’t think about that — just cherish the memories and move on to new challenges. Thank you so much for this inspirational video. P. x

  6. What an amazingly beautiful garden! It’s inspirational! I know you must have put in years of hard work to create such lovely yard. Thank you for sharing the video with us!

  7. Logging in with Facebook is definitely not what I intend my visitors to do. I thought my comment form had a simple method where you can leave your name and your website url, if not, I have to change this.

  8. I am so glad you posted this video, Alistair! No pictures or any number of pictures can show a garden better than a video. I felt like I myself was there, walking through your lush, stunning garden. So many beautiful plants and small, private garden spaces! I also liked your terrace (deck)! Your topiary is so well manicured! I liked how you combined different plants – grasses, shrubs, perennials, bulbs.
    You moved to a new place, but your Aberdeen garden is still with you. It is a part of you. Thank you for sharing this beatiful part with us!

  9. Glad you appreciated my little video Sarah, I did it on a whim I had never even tried the video setting before. Now I have it and can look back at our old garden from time to time.

  10. How I enjoyed that film! Your beautiful old garden on a sunny day is the perfect antidote to February snow flurries. I know that you will bring your experience and passion for gardening to your new garden. Wishing you sunny days and time to film and sit and read in the new paradise you are creating.

  11. Hello Alistair, if a picture says a thousand words then your video says a million. I’m so glad you took that video, the garden is stunning and although this is your old garden in Aberdeen, I’m sure your new one will be just as spectacular, if not even more so.

  12. Alistair, what a pleasure to watch your video! I see it’s one whole clip on about 6 min. Wow! I can’t do video so long, my hands get tired and I do short clips and then unit them in the long one. But it’s a technique, and your garden deserves to be shown because is very beautiful, cozy and well kept. I especially love your ponds – big one and tiny one, many lilies.
    Hopefully your new garden will be as beautiful as the old garden in Aberdeen.

  13. Alistair … I am at a loss for words (that doesn’t happen often ! LOL)
    Your Aberdeen garden was stunning … it is what I would consider a personal Eden … it is truly amazing.
    The lush greenery .. ferns, grasses … potted plants … those lilies ! …you filled every inch possible with LIFE !
    I don’t think there was anything else you could do to it .. it is perfect.
    So moving on , even though it must have been hard … forced you into a new project which I sense you do enjoy.
    The sea holly … I grew Big Blue last year and it was gorgeous … this year I am adding Neptune’s Gold just to see if it is as pretty as I think it will be ? Fingers crossed.
    You did a fantastic job with the video .. I want to do that to some time when the garden is at it’s best.
    You totally inspire me !!
    Joy : )
    PS .. still winter here in Canada … haha

  14. Jam-packed And just beautiful! It’s the hostas And the ferns that get you, ooh, And that clematis, oh And the lilies, And the pond, And that lovely symphyotricum and and ……!!!

  15. Hi Larry, I am really sorry to hear about your health issues, I hope you are well again soon. You don’t know how pleased I am that you dropped by. Glad you enjoyed my video clip, it doesn’t compare with your own garden. I am determined to make this small garden in (Fife Scotland) exceptionally special which will help take a little of the heartache away from Myra who still misses Aberdeen. Having said that, she is so much better than she was a year ago. Take care, I wish you well.

  16. Hi Elizabeth, I couldn’t give you advice on this platform as to how to create a garden. However I, in my early seventies am doing just that. Its hard work, but satisfying.

  17. I have just watched the garden video. To me, it is just like paradise. I would like to have similar in my rather sparse uninteresting garden. I would love to have all the plants growing against each other as yours. Not able for weeding. I would be starting from scratch basically in my late 60s. How should I start. Large bungalow garden. Would like to cut down on grass. Have I left it all too late ?

  18. Hi Alistair…. not sure if you know but I am now limited by blood clots on top of my other health issues this past month…. that said, I spent a lot of yesterday in a recliner with hot compresses and as many garden videos ( especially British)as I could digest (checked out Percy Thrower)…. when all was said and done, the link to your garden that arrived via email early this morning was the best of all! I love the lush full style of your Aberdeen Garden and the many surprises around every corner…. more spring fever here I’m afraid, and it’s way too early! Take care my friend! Larry

  19. Alistair I have always loved looking back on your pictures of the garden in Aberdeen. This video is beautiful and a pleasure to watch .thankyou. Glenis Gregory

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