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  1. Sounds like advice worth ignoring.
    If your style is long sentences, short titles or whatever . . . that’s what gives each blogger a distinctive voice.
    About long posts – I confess there are blogs where I find posts too long and end up skimming. However, some of them have masses of comments so either people enjoy picking out the bits which interest them or like to have a good read – a bit as if they have picked up a magazine.
    And there are blogs where the writing is so good I enjoy what they say, however long. Like the comment section in a newspaper.
    And sometimes I feel a cheated if I turn up and there’s nothing but a picture when there’s generally more.
    And sometimes one picture is exactly enough because it says it all.
    There are even blogs which I think are badly written but the topics they cover are such fun or so interesting I’m not bothered about literary quality.
    Don’t let the advisers wear us down!

  2. Interesting – I didn’t know what SEO was. If I was thinking all the time about this I wouldn’t enjoy blogging any more, and I would stop doing it. I think it’s my blog, and I will do it however I want. And if you visit other people’s blogs regularly they become cyber friends and will visit and comment on yours. I enjoy your blog, Alastair, because we have been visiting each other for years, and I feel I have gotten to know you a bit, and that makes blogging meaningful and rewarding. So I reckon – life’s too short for drudgery, and just blog in whatever way you enjoy expressing yourself.

  3. Oh, Alistair, SEO really IS drudgery! No wonder you sound so jaded. But don’t give up blogging, just ignore the stupid SEO — Lucy and Catmint have the right idea. Your postings seem perfect to me with great pictures and interesting information. I enjoyed the video and the music but have tons of questions about what-is-what. I can’t believe how many blooms you have — my winter garden is just snow and ice. Keep blogging and have a very Happy New Year! P. x

  4. Hello Alistair, gosh, I don’t do any of this stuff! I’m not sure I would blog otherwise. Some of my posts are just brain dumps and flit from one topic to another with little coherence. I’m scared to imagine what the SEO results might be for some of my posts! Best not find out!

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