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Viburnum Tinus Eve Price — 14 Comments

  1. We did that on the patio outside the kitchen. I have planted spekboom Portulacaria afra underplanted with Plectranthus madagascariensis, and a climber.

  2. Great to see the border beginning! Removing those bricks must have been a lot of hard work – nice to have some hired muscles! The Viburnum sinus is great. I like the foliage as well as those long lasting blooms!

  3. just wanted to stop by and explain about the Goldfinches .. you may be confused when you saw how dark they are .. that is their winter coat here .. another month or so they turn that brilliant yellow gold they are known for .. so gorgeous ! .. but while the cold and dark prevail they are dull in colour

  4. Hello Joy, Thanks for getting back to me All seems to be well now. I will pop over and have a look at those snow scenes. Had to do a little bit of editing, I mean (cute) c’mon I am a macho guy. hmm!

  5. Hello Alistair you gave me a giggle so I have to thank you .. we woke up to MORE snow this morning .. I am going to post some pictures on my blog in a bit.
    My brain is a bit addled so I can’t remember what I had previously said in this post of yours .. other than I thought this was a gorgeous viburnum and that your courtyard garden was beautiful (I would love to have one like that !
    You are such a perfectionist with your garden skills .. truly wonderful ! .. You are so lucky to be able to do anything outdoors right now … I will have to wait for the snow to melt again and WAIT for Spring to make up her mind to finally stay for good ? .. is that really going to happen ? LOL
    I hope the comments show up now .. no more “bugs” with the website ! swing by some time and check out my winter pictures (I have to go do that post !)

  6. Your courtyard looks wonderful with the new bed. I always enjoy seeing your garden and what you’ve been up too.


  7. Thanks for pointing out the Viburnum beetle issue Sunil. I witnessed this problem in Cheshire. Ner did come across it in Scotland. Support for the climbers, well spotted. Clematis, not expecting them to make much impact this year.

  8. Hello Alistair, we used to have a pair of old viburnum tinus that we actually took out because of the viburnum beetle would leave the leaves in ribbons and they were too big for the space. I love your new border, I can see you’ve put netting on the wooden fence so I’m expecting climbers (Clematis?) to make themselves known.

  9. Ah, great choice. Have just planted some amelanchier myself, well, last week before the snow arrived. Looking forward to seeing them (mine and yours) in a few weeks. Ellen.

  10. You have done a fantastic job making the border. Well done! It looks really lovely. What are the tall deciduous shrubs? Looking forward to seeing the border in summer.

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