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Laurus Nobilis Standard Bay Tree — 14 Comments

  1. The Laurus nobilis Standard, commonly known as the Bay Tree, is a popular and versatile ornamental plant. With its glossy, aromatic leaves and a classic, symmetrical shape, it’s often cultivated as a topiary or standard. This evergreen tree is known for its culinary uses, as its leaves add a distinctive flavor to various dishes. The Laurus nobilis Standard is an attractive addition to gardens, patios, or entrances, providing both aesthetic appeal and practicality in the kitchen. With proper care, including well-drained soil and regular pruning to maintain its shape, this Bay Tree can thrive in a variety of settings, offering beauty and functionality in one elegant package.

  2. Alistair,
    We lived in the |Cotswolds before moving here to Scotland and there on the top of the Oxfordshire Cotswolds I grew, from a supermarket final reduction plant a magnificent bay tree. It reached about 10 feet tall and supplied all te bay leaves we ever needed. When I enqyired atthe local garden centre about taking north with us I was told not to bother a it would not survive the first winter! I am now going to try in thr polytunnel we have bought as the tunnel is over 7′ tall at the ridge: Will keep you posted!

  3. Hi Sunil, the majority of shrubs and plants do better in the border, always exceptions like Hostas, they are brilliant in tubs.

  4. Hello Alistair, we have two bay shrubs that we bought at the same time, we planted one and it’s now far larger than the one we have in a pot. We do have some wind scorch on our bay but nothing like what Monty experienced, ours are still essentially all green. I’m not sure what our minimum temperature was but I’m sure it wasn’t as bad as -15C, we are much further south that you and Monty.

  5. Indie, it is nice to have Bay in the garden. It does amuse me to think that this raw miserable climate is in fact temperate.

  6. Hi Pam, when we first arrived here in Fife I spotted a couple of these Bay trees in a neighbouring garden. I spoke to the homeowners as to how I was surprised at seeing Bay, she said it had been in her garden for a number of years. Aberdeen 100 miles further North, in spite of being coastal, Bay would not be likely to survive.

  7. Hello, Alistair!
    You’re undoubtedly successful gardener, because Laurus nobilis is a tender tree. I liked how it looks near your fence, has many new growths. It’s a pity that we here have less than – 5 C in winter, I’d love to have this tree as well.
    Have a nice week!

  8. I love the smell of sweet bay. My daughter has a hedge in her New Jersey garden — a little warmer there than here. I’m not sure if it would survive a Pocono Mountain winter. I love your idea of placing the trees either side of the front door.

  9. Hello Joy, Ice storms do indeed sound horrendous, you certainly would not want to be caught outdoors in one. Good luck with your Hydrangea, can’t recall seeing a standard.

  10. I would so love to have this in my garden but that is truly day dreaming on my part .. we are in a ice storm warning at the moment as I listen to said ice pellets hitting the windows .. this is very bad and it could be the remake of Ice Storm 1998 which was horrendous.
    But I digress .. Alistair this is a gorgeous standard and to have fresh bay leaves on hand ? now that is perfection from the garden indeed ! You are a very lucky fellow gardener !
    Joy : )
    PS .. I have to move my Pink Diamond hydrangea standard and I am worried .. fingers crossed.

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