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Geum Fire Storm — 14 Comments

  1. Gorgeous plant! I am not always opposed to pink and orange planted together. Add bright blue and/or turquoise pots and the result can be spectacular and very appropriate to a semi-tropical climate like mine.

  2. Thank you for making me laugh today with your comments on my blog : ) .. and I too am running out of room even though I want more plants .. there should be a logical solution other than actually not getting more plants ? but that is just not possible .. must put thinking cap on !

  3. Hello Alistair, those bright in-you-face orange Geums are amazing and just the thing I need to inject some colour into the more pastel parts of the garden. I’m hoping they’re available as seed as I can imagine repeated clumps of these in a border. They’d look great paired with a contrasting colour or something with dark or coppery foliage behind.

  4. Hello Joy
    Fire storm is fully hardy in Scotland. Plant list! I always want what others have, run out of space though.

  5. Hello Alistair
    This is a very pretty geum and your pictures are very nice indeed ! I used to have geum in my garden a few years ago .. I am not sure what happened to them but now I have to reconsider since these are so nice looking. You made me start a plant list for next year already ? LOL

  6. Alistair, I know this plant, I have grown it in my garden. But yours is prettier than mine. I think I have had native specie and your is hybrid one with double petals.
    Thanks for sharing information, happy week!

  7. Nice one. I rather like it with the pinks, especially the deep pink in the third shot. They balance each other out and could hardly fail to be noticed!

  8. I love geums Alistair and have the totally tangerine in my garden. They really are ‘good doers’ in the garden.

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