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Hostas in the borders and tubs — 18 Comments

  1. Hello Alistair, I like your hostas and we have several types in the garden and in pots too. They start off whole but by this time in the season, they’re covered with holes. I’ve learned to live with them as they’ll come up afresh and hole-free next year and they increase in stock quite quickly.

  2. I don’t grow a lot of hostas after finding some beloved little minis that I had just planted totally nibbled up by what was likely bunnies. I do have a select few, though, including one of my favorites, ‘June’. Such a lovely leaf color, and I see you have it too!

  3. Hi Alistair and thank you for your kind comments on my photos .. I think I have corrected what happened about the redirection to my blog .. but I have no idea why it happened that way in the first place .. gremlins following me some how ? LOL

  4. I have inherited a hosta on my new allotment. I expected it to be eaten by slugs but it seems to have been spared – partly, I suspect, because the previous allotmenteer used slug pellets and partly because after a brief time when I used beer traps, the summer has been so hot slugs must have been desiccating.

  5. Hi Alistair, now i am here as i promised in my reply to your comment in Catmint’s blog, hehe. I have not been coming over here but i still remember the time when you transfered place and garden. I only see hostas in temperate country blogs, and saw them in person when i visited NZ. They are really lovely. I wish they can grow also in the tropics, but they wont.

  6. You have some super hostas, stunning photos by the way! I only have a couple in pots and one is now full of holes unfortunately. My favourite at the moment is Sagae, it hasn’t needed watering in spite of our drought in the SW of England.

  7. Hello Alistair .. Your hosta are beautiful ! and you have reminded me that I should have some in containers for our deck .. note for next year ! .. I can’t imagine a garden without them. I have quite a few Halcyon and love how they play off the gold ones such as August Moon. I have Guacamole and that is a BIG beauty with gorgeous pristine white fragrant flowers … they are such versatile plants, you have to love them.

  8. Nice collection of hostas, Alistair! I have many of them as well but your Hosta Pauls Glory is a nicer than others. I agree potted hostas have no problem with slugs. Mine have holes of their ‘activity’.

  9. The snails can make a real mess of Hostas. Yes, England is getting Spanish weather, unfortunately, this year Spain is getting unbearable heat Sorry to hear about the drought situation you are experiencing.

  10. Hostas are lovely plants. I could never grow them because not only are they thirsty, as you say they are an irresistable magnet for snails. I suppose Scotland’s summer is like England and Englands is like … Spain? Here in Australia in the countryside there is a terrible drought.

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