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Hydrangea arborescens Annabelle — 6 Comments

  1. I don’t have Annabelle, but the similar ‘Limelight’ which also blooms on new growth. You give good advice about cutting back by half. I do this when the plant goes dormant. I’m glad yours is doing well in its new situation. P x

  2. Hello Alistair .. funny enough we are finally having some rain here .. thankfully most of my hydrangea are paniculata and seem to have more backbone with my very aggressive pruning in the Fall .. I went a bit mad this past Fall and thought there might be a problem this year with flowering etc .. but they have all surprised the life out of me and thrived so far beyond my expectations it is remarkable, especially with the brutal winter that we had.
    I am not one for mop heads even though I did do that impulse buy with “Early Blue” .. your analysis is very accurate though and the information helpful to people new to hydrangea .. no matter how I prune Little Lamb she always droops, so I just have to accept and deal with it the best way I can .. if you have a soft spot for a plant … that is what you do as a gardener right ? LOL
    I do love my Pink Diamond standard .. so far .. SO GOOD !

  3. I think many varieties of Hydrangeas have the same minus: their branches aren’t strong, as my Hydrangea paniculata has, and the stems with heavy large flowers are lying down, especially after rain. What I do? Yes, I cut branches as you write, and also I support it with a plastic net around the bush.
    Your hydrangea is pretty , flowers are big and they are many.

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