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Aruncus dioicus — 6 Comments

  1. Aruncus is a lovely plant, Alistair. I’d love to have it in my garden, so will buy seedlings next year. Where will I plant it? perhaps in a border, in semi-sunny place. I’d love to grow in tubs some plants you showed, as Calla and Leucanthemum, they are beautiful.
    Have a nice new week!

  2. I just fell in love with your Aruncus dioicus; now I have to do some research and see how it may do for me and if I can find it. Aruncus-aethusifolius really does look a lot like astilbe.

  3. Aruncus dioicus is a lovely plant, I’ve tried it in the ground a couple of times but it doesn’t seem to like it here, I think my soil is too wet, if you say that it likes to be well drained. I did have a huge clump of Zantedescia until the Beast from the East got it last winter, I will certainly try again, but will remember to mulch it in future.

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