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Curtain twitching — 14 Comments

  1. Hello Diana, We have another old timer several doors down who has created a very nice front garden. Walking around the small development very few have made an effort.

  2. This garden does remind me of your garden in Aberdeen; just a scaled back version. You have some wonderful views from your windows; you have done a great job, and you can enjoy it.

  3. Alistair, I twice watched your garden views. Wonderful. I liked the hostas, their striped leaves look nice in all parts. And I think it was not a mistake to put artificial lawn on your back garden. You have no problem with grass, mowing, drought, weeds etc. I’m tired of weed on my lawn and envy you.

  4. Hi Jennifer
    Yes having more time to relax in the garden is a bonus, although my mind constantly wanders to, what further improvements I can make.

  5. I think your garden looks terrific Alistair! Yes, it is smaller than the one in Aberdeen, but it is just as nice in its own way. A big garden is sooo much work. I wish I had more time to just sit and really appreciate my plants. I can definitely see the benefits of a smaller space.

  6. Thanks, Joy I appreciate your very wise words. By the way, I will be keeping a check on Clematis Mrs Harvey becoming available in the UK.

  7. Hello Alistair : )
    I love that term “curtain twitching” .. it makes me laugh EVERY time and reminds me of my Brit friends, so thank you for that giggle this morning.
    Yes ! … you have such remarkably neat and organized garden aspects and I didn’t catch on that your lawn was artificial !
    I agree with the previous comment .. you will be thankful later on I have no doubt !
    Mean while you have so many different views of your gardens, combine that with the portability of so many different plants, you have dozens of variations to mix and match those views with .. I think it is perfect for you, albeit I understand you missing the type of garden you had previously .. so much work and love must have gone into it.
    Our gardens change as we change, and more times than not .. it truly is for our own good ! So relax and enjoy it : )

  8. Everywhere is so neat and pristine, it makes my country garden look very shabby and untidy! As the years go by you might be glad of your artificial turf, just think of all the time you save by not having to cut it!

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