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Should I treat Tulips as annuals — 5 Comments

  1. I think it’s great that you have lifted the bulbs. I can never be bothered as I have too much other stuff to do! I do find that Darwin tulips and species tulips come back again for a few years so they are the tulips for me!

  2. I like your new container! It is beautiful, and your climbing hydrangea should be happy. Regarding the tulips: We have to treat them as expensive annuals here, unless one is willing to do as you suggest. Yours are beautiful, and I think it would be worth the work – in small quantities!

  3. Wonderful advice, Alistair. I don’t grow tulips because they are a favorite deer food here. Maybe, I should try some in a tub near the house — deer are not usually bold enough to venture onto the porches. I especially love your Finola. P. x

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