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Skimmia Japonica Temptation — 8 Comments

    • Good question, finish a post, study it, yes I have covered everything! Have you heck. The leaves and Spring flowers of some Skimmias are said to be fragrant if Temptation is one of those, I honestly didn’t pick up on it.

  1. Alistair, it’s interesting information about Skimmia Japonica Temptation, I like its red berries. I’ve read in wiki that it is hardy up to -10 C. So if we have more frost I have to cover or to move in skimmia . Do you do this for winter?

  2. Hello Alistair, the berries are very pretty on this Skimmia, I hope it is fragrant. I miss our large skimmia from our last garden. We planted a small one but they grow so slowly and it’s going to be years before it reaches an appreciable size. We might put a few more into some of the more recent borders towards the back of the garden, underneath the pine trees where I can guarantee an acidic soil.

    • At one time I thought if a plant survives the Scottish Winter then it must be very hardy. I guess living near the coast prevents us from getting those very low temperatures. Yes, up and running again Pam, it may help if I stop messing about with those settings.

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