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Skimmia Japonica Temptation — 10 Comments

  1. I planted my Skimmia Temptation in November 2020 full of berries. Spring 2021 creamy flowers, no berries in the Autumn. 2022 creamy flowers in Spring & Autumn but no berries! What’s happening!

  2. At one time I thought if a plant survives the Scottish Winter then it must be very hardy. I guess living near the coast prevents us from getting those very low temperatures. Yes, up and running again Pam, it may help if I stop messing about with those settings.

  3. Skimmia is fully hardy in our coastal location Nadezda. Minus 10c is extremely unusual, much colder in the Highlands of Scotland though.

  4. Hello Alistair, the berries are very pretty on this Skimmia, I hope it is fragrant. I miss our large skimmia from our last garden. We planted a small one but they grow so slowly and it’s going to be years before it reaches an appreciable size. We might put a few more into some of the more recent borders towards the back of the garden, underneath the pine trees where I can guarantee an acidic soil.

  5. Alistair, it’s interesting information about Skimmia Japonica Temptation, I like its red berries. I’ve read in wiki that it is hardy up to -10 C. So if we have more frost I have to cover or to move in skimmia . Do you do this for winter?

  6. Good question, finish a post, study it, yes I have covered everything! Have you heck. The leaves and Spring flowers of some Skimmias are said to be fragrant if Temptation is one of those, I honestly didn’t pick up on it.

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