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Amelanchier Lamarckii multi stem — 10 Comments

  1. Hello Joy
    I have one more post and then I will be in shutdown until after the New year. Mind you if I go any slower right now I will come to a complete standstill.
    Take care and have a great Christmas and New year.

  2. Hello there Alistair .. very pretty pictures for this time of year .. it is rather bare here now, although i still have a few “green” plants peeking up in the garden .. we actually have no snow right now.
    I have serviceberry “Autumn Brilliance” .. right by the rose arbor .. I keep it as a small tree and it is very nice to watch it go through all the seasonal stages.
    Enjoyed your post … I know garden posts are rather sparse this time of year .. I am on a shut down phase until Spring.
    Unless I capture a great shot of the super moon phases in January/February …. that will be total luck indeed ! haha
    Take care
    Have a Merry Christmas !

  3. your amelanchier trees are much larger than mine and look beautiful, I bought 10 small ones in autumn 2011 and they have been very slow to grow, I don’t think they can cope with the winter winds, as with many spring flowering shrubs here I haven’t had any flowers yet, the foliage though is lovely and worth growing for that alone, Frances

  4. Hello Alistair, I love your Amelanchier trees, we have one – much smaller that is taking its time to get established – we did have incredible colour on it this year with the autumn leaves but the berries were stripped by the birds as soon as they turned red. I’m looking forwards to the masses of starry flowers in the spring and then the clematis that is clambering up it in summer.

  5. I have a couple, one does well and one doesn’t. We also have bullfinches which like to eat the flower buds, so some years I don’t get many flowers. I never seem to have any berries, the birds get them all. In spite of all this it is my favourite tree!

  6. Lovely plant, Alistair. We call it ‘Irga’ . I always enjoy seeing it in bloom. In autumn I love Amelanchier berries too.
    I use them in apple jam, it has a different taste. Sometimes the birds are ahead of me and eat all the Amelanchier berries so there is nothing left for jam:-)

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