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Astilbe Red Sentinel — 8 Comments

  1. I also have Astilbes in my garden in a very similar colour to yours. I also have white and light pink ones! They compose really pretty. I bought a pack of 50 seeds of Astilbes from https://gardenseedsmarket.com/astilbe-showstar-mix-seeds-astilbe-x-arendsii.html but I wasn’t luck to get the red! However, most of the seeds sprouted what really surprised me! All of my Astilbes I grow in a shady place which they love. You have to check other colours, they will look amazing in your awesome garden!

  2. Thank you, Frances. Normally I just use stock pictures for my header. This one, I took in early November in Aberdeen the year we left for Cheshire. (the road just outside the entrance to Hazelhead park)

  3. Hello Alistair, our astilbe are in pastel shades but I’m not sure if they’re still with us. They were planted in the heat of summer (which they hate) and the elderberry that was planted close-by was supposed to grow and shade the astilbes from the worst of the hot summer sun, instead, it ended up de-foliating in the hot, dry weather so that was a failure all-round. I’ll have to see if they re-emerge in spring. I’m not hopeful.

  4. Hello Joy, perhaps Astrantia isn’t quite as hardy as I thought it was. Long Winter ahead, just started planning changes in the garden for next year.

  5. Hello there Alistair ! Thank you for dropping by my blog : ) I feel it has been so long since I have visited blogs , I am totally out of touch and now winter is advancing creating a true totally shut down .. I’m still not ready !
    One of my first astilbe was Montgomery Red and it still flowers for me even though it is about 18 years old ! It amazes me !
    I think that is wonderful you are experimenting with darker colours .. some times we get stuck in a rut with staying “safe” colour wise and we need that push to try something different.
    Your garden looks gorgeous all the time : ) I really have to try astrantia again .. I didn’t have much luck twice, so I shied away from it, but I do love those beautiful flowers ! You have inspired me for next year, first plant on my Lust List 2019 ! LOL

  6. Hello, Alistair!
    Lovely astilbe, especially yours – red one. I have no this color, very pretty. Do you propagate it in your garden? I often cut astilbe’s roots and have had some more to plant in different places.
    Do you prune the flowers before winter comes or do you love seeing its dry flowers in winter? I know some people love to leave their dry stems for winter.

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