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  2. I love laurels and this one adds great winter interest to your garden, Alistair. I think you have a lot going on compared with my desolate space! Spring comes so much earlier to your location than here — I look forward to seeing your spring flowers in anticipation of mine. Happy new gardening year! P. x

  3. Your Viburnum Tinus Spirit and Skimmia Temptation are really beautiful, but I was thrilled to see your Buddleja-Lochinch. This was one of the first plants I ever purchased for my garden, many years ago. I loved everything about it! It flourished for a number of years but eventually it began to suffer from various ailments. I was sad when I had to remove it. Seeing yours makes me want another one.

  4. hello Alistair,

    you can add the west side of Lewis to places where laurels don’t grow, it has been my experience that broadleaf evergreens are eventually killed by the strength of the winter winds, I have lost many and so no longer buy them, though I have found needle leaf evergreens do better, like rosemary and olearia, I hope you get some laurel flowers this summer and I look forward to seeing them on your blog,

    I do like that lovely little primula, such pretty flowers with their red and yellow eye,

    you have some lovely broadleaf evergreens in your garden, Frances

  5. Skimmia and Viburnum are so lovely Alistair, especially in winter time. Looking at your Portuguese Laurel flowers I thought it’s the Prunus padus that I have in my garden. But no! We call Portuguese Laurel ‘ Laurel cherry’.
    Happy new year!

  6. Hi Pauline, I think the Portuguese Laurel is undoubtedly superior, I have yet to find out if it is willing to flower in the East coast of Scotland.

  7. The flowers on your Portuguese Laurel are beautiful, a very good reason to buy it! I have loads of the ordinary laurel, maybe I should replace some of them!

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