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Unusual Hamamellis — 12 Comments

  1. Hello Alistair, I’m glad our witchazel is flowering well, now that you have it in a more sheltered position. It will be interesting to see if indeed it is Pallida vs Jelena, but you’ll have to wait a whole year now to find out, I guess. Witchazel is on our shopping list for a winter border, I just wish they weren’t quite so expensive and so slow growing. I’ll enjoy yours in the mean time.

  2. We had a scattering of snow a couple of days ago. Its gone now with a rise in temperature. The worst of the snow has unusually been in the south of England.

  3. I have a couple of witch hazels that barely bloom at all. Maybe they need more sun? Maybe they just need to mature? The blooms they have had looked stunted. Your hamamelis blooms actually look a bit creepy, but thoroughly interesting!

  4. I had been wanting a witch hazel for awhile and finally planted ‘Ruby Glow’ (I think) a couple years ago. I can’t wait until it gets bigger, as it is a tiny little thing. I love the coppery tone to your flowers, whichever variety it is!

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