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Camellia × williamsii ‘Anticipation’ — 16 Comments

  1. Can’t grow camellias here, Alistair, so really enjoyed yours. Your autumn cherry tree is lovely! P. x

  2. Your camellias are beautiful! I miss camellias from when I lived further south. I bought one last fall that is supposed to be hardy here, but it is waiting for spring planting in my basement and is currently in bloom there!

  3. Hello Sunil, I was just thinking to myself, I will head over to see what Sunil is up to.I would recommend Skimmia Temptation to any gardener.

  4. Hello Alistair, we’re in full-on Camellia season here in the south too. I don’t know what varieties we have as we inherited ours. It’s good to know about the pruning as ours are so heavy with flowers that they double-over and I get worried that branches might break. I’m very envious of your skimmia and the prunus is delightful. It’s the blush pink on the tips that makes it special.

  5. That is annoying, in general I have been finding several issues with commenting of late, those captcha things are a complete nuisance.

  6. that is a wordpress quirk. I have a dormant blog and an active one. The dormant one is listed first in WP and nothing I can do will convince it to change to the active one. I have tried.
    When I login to WP I use my current blog.
    Click the comment link, and back to the old one WP goes.

  7. Wonderful plants and flowers, Alistair! I especially love Skimmia japonica and Camellia, as never am able to grow them in my climate. They amaze growing in pots.
    I agree with Joy O’Connor– you’re very lucky gardener.

  8. Hello Joy
    Complaining about the weather comes naturally to the Scots, saves us moaning about Brexit. I hope things improve at your side soon.

  9. My goodness ! Do you have any idea how lucky you are my friend ? .. what gorgeous plants with stunning flowers.
    They would never survive my zone and that makes me sad .. I would love to have them.
    We are still LOCKED in winter here .. patches of ice still covering a very dead looking garden .. this has been one of the toughest we have had in years .. so hard to believe that Spring will ever come,
    But having your blog to see wonderful plants like this lifts my weary spirits 🙂 Thanks !

  10. Gorgeous photos alistair. It’s such an exciting time of the year isn’t it! You Do indeed have some fantastic plants in your garden. My husband is in Aberdeen at the mo and the weather looks beautifully sunny, though I know you are further south in Fife. Let’s hope our lovely weather continues! ellen.

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