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Viburnum Tinus Spirit — 16 Comments

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  2. I so miss my crocus plants. We dug them up before we moved but when we replanted them a happy little critter, possibly the local bunnies, came and ate them… I might have found a place to grow some more but haven’t had time to start yet.

  3. Wow! I really like that Viburnum. I have several varieties of viburnum, and now you have me lusting after Spirit, though I have no idea if it is available in my part of the world!

  4. Hello, Alistair!
    I agree Viburnum is nice and easy in growth plant. I long ago wanted to purchase it but didn’t find the variety that goes to our climate, not evergreen plant.
    Lovely crocuses, they always remind me that spring is coming. Unfortunately there is a lot of snow yet in my garden.

  5. The flowers are gorgeous. Makes me wish I had a house to plant flowers at again. Unfortunately I’m stuck with an office cubicle and some pots.

  6. No Alistair, I don’t. I am the secretary of my local gardening club, feel free to take a look, Biddenham Gardeners Association.

  7. I don’t know why they bother selling snowdrop bulbs, they just don’t work. The weather at the moment is very typical of early March Frances.

  8. Hello Ellen
    I lean towards the weather being a bit of a fluke with the gulf stream being responsible, well I hope so.
    Thank you very much for taking the time to comment, do you have your own blog?

  9. It is a lovely shrub indeed. The crocuses are a cheerful sight to see. I have never known a February like it, so warm and mild. Whilst is was lovely to garden in the sunshine and warmth, I was concerned as it is not meant to be like that in February! Does it mean that our weather pattern will change, if so how will our flora and fauna cope? Very worrying, unless it is a one off. I watched the Brimstones today looking for suitable plants of which I have none, so ordered alder buckthorns to help them. Thanks for your blog and pictures Alistair, I really enjoy them. Ellen.

  10. I do like your little pots of crocus Alistair, they look very cheery, the viburnum looks lovely and a nice bonus to have perfume too at this time of year, the snowdrops and tete – a – tete also look nice, I only finally got snowdrops to grow in my garden after I bought some ‘in the green’ I had not known about this way of buying them, the weather here has been nice for the time of year but not as warm as you have had it, back to normal today with wind and rain currently, which is forecast to get much worse later, I have enjoyed a few days in the garden, Frances

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