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Prunus Accolade — 22 Comments

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  3. Dougie, Here in Scotland Autumnalis rosea opens it first blooms in February but continues flowering over a period much longer than any other Prunus I know.

  4. Autumnalis rosea looks amazing did you get good blooms over winter I was thinking about getting one myself I also just purchased accolade this year so looking forward to seeing it bloom in spring.

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  6. Hi Sunil
    We also have a Kanzan in the back garden. Its looking healthy but the flowers open at the same time as the leaves and not giving a good show. I am surprised as Kannzan is reported as being one of the best.

  7. Hello Alistair, what a co-incidence that we also planted a Prunus (though it’s a Kanzan) this winter too. Your amelanchier looks stunning and a lot shrubbier than ours does. Your tulips look incredible too and how amazing to have a blackbird brave enough to take food from your hand as well!

  8. Thanks, Deb, after so much pleasant weather in April, May has started off rather cold. We are expecting 8c today which is about 46f.

  9. I am impressed with your Pieris that has survived in the same pot for so many years; it is lovely! Your cherry trees are also gorgeous, as well as your Amelanchier, and your tulips and…people who don’t garden don’t know what satisfaction they are missing! Happy gardening!

  10. Hey, those daffodils are now on my buy list. But planting them in a container around here is just inviting Mr. Squirrel to stop by and unplant them.

  11. There are pink blossomed trees across from my house.
    A few days ago an air ambulance swept in low over them as it landed and the wind from the rotor blades was so strong it made a storm of the petals. The air was full of them. They came flying through the windows and the open front door. They were all over the floor and formed a layer in the bath.

  12. Alistair, your prunus is awesome, I’d love it in my garden as I saw it’s for zone 4, so it suits to my zone 5a. Your fife garden is blooming I especially love tulips and daffodils, very pretty.
    I also have my outdoor seedlings on windowsills and in the greenhouse, they wait for warm weather.

  13. What a gorgeous tree! I also really love your combination of orange tulips and daffodils. Perfection! I love spring. I also think that gardening is genetic, but I think people are nervous to do something different. I always work on showing my neighbors that it is quite okay to tear out part of one’s lawn and put in something else. In my last neighborhood it worked, and gardening caught on. I am still working on my current lawn-loving neighborhood…

  14. How I love spring — has to be my favorite season! I wish the flowering cherries lasted longer. My snow fountain seemed to be over in the wink of an eye. Love all the blooms in your spring garden, Alistair. Your front room looks something like my dining room. P. x

  15. It’s all looking beautiful, Alistair! I planted an P Accolade and 2PAutumnlis early this year. They really are the loveliest blossom trees. Your pic of your front room gave me a good laugh?

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