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Tiarella Trifoliata Sugar Scoop — 11 Comments

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  2. Alistair, I love star-shaped flowers of Tiarella Sugar Scoop, it’s very attractive plant. I also like your photo of a bed with rhododendrons and azaleas.
    The video is amazing, a blackbird seems to be familiar with you:-)
    Best wishes!

  3. That’s thes best, most full Tiarella I have seen! And it provides a bright spot among the others in your back garden border.

  4. Wow, the Sugar Scoop Tiarella is amazing! I definitely want that for my own garden. I am impressed with how quickly you have created your back border garden, which already is filled with beautiful plants and looking lush. The blackbird is a lucky creature to have a good garden friend like you!

  5. Love the flower power on this Tiarella Alistair – will get myself some seeds! Its so lovely to see the blackbird eating from your hand – so trusting! I have another nest of young blackbirds on my shelving outside so have to be careful when trying to work around the area now! The mother doesn’t fly off anymore though as she knows i won’t harm them1 Keep up the lovely posts! Cathy

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