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Rambling Rose Ghislaine de Feligonde — 13 Comments

  1. Your garden is so beautiful. We have a scrappy knockout rose by the front door and I would love to replace it with the ghislaine de feligonde rose. It’s gorgeous. Not sure whether it would survive our winters in Southwest Missouri, USA. Thank you for sharing your lovely work.

  2. Your garden is so beautiful you really have a flair for planting things together and making it all work.do you place anything under your pots to prevent marking your patio.

  3. I think Ghislaine de Feligonde is quite hardy, I grow it Denmark and its not on a grafted rootstock, it has gone through our tough winters, down to -20C and has come back every year with a fantastic show.

    • Thanks for that information Lise.It is also hardy in Scotland. I saw a question mark over its hardiness in parts of the USA where it gets colder than minus 20c

  4. Wow, Alistair, your garden is looking so beautiful and the courtyard area is so inviting, I just can’t believe the neighbour with her washing! I’ve never heard of this rambling rose before and unfortunately, I’m not allowed any more climbing plants for the forseeable future!

    • I would have more climbers Sunil but all space has been used up. Neighbour will be watching like a hawk for any protrusions that may affect her concrete jungle.

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