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Cyclamen Coum the hardiest of them all — 11 Comments

  1. I didn’t know this cyclamen Alistair. They are very pretty. I’m afraid these cyclamen aren’t for my zone 5a, I have to read more how they winter here.
    Love your photos.

  2. Coum is still the only plant flowering in our garden at the moment Pam. If they dont come through next Autumn it wont have been to do with the Winter conditions.

  3. I’m trying to establish cyclamen in various areas about the garden but it’s been hit-and-miss. I planted a whole load of tubers and the birds promptly dug them up and threw them about. The supermarket also sells very cheap cyclamen that appear to be the indoor kind (with the more expensive ones being Cyclamen Coum) but it’s not always easy to tell. I think they self-seed around so that helps and I’m hoping to move seedlings around to increase stock.

  4. Thank you Diana, The surgery to repair the macular hole has been successful. I have no improvement in my sight as yet but apparently it can take several months for this to happen.

  5. They are beautiful! Within a few years you will have them en masse in your borders. I love them.

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